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   Chapter 735 Farewell (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6711

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Many people fall into despair because they feel that their past was too beautiful compared to the terrible present and the uncertain future.


The night was chilly and damp. Snow had started to fall and the flakes danced slowly as it swayed to the rhythm of the light wind. A City was quickly dressed in a beautiful white robe.

Brian leaned against Shirley's shoulder, the mask of lies removed from his sculptural cold face. Like a heartbroken kid, he yearned for comfort in his mother's embrace.

His eyes remained closed as Shirley sat quietly beside him. "Shirley," he said, his hoarse voice sounding heartbroken, "don't let her know..."

Shirley turned her head slightly to look at her only son. He didn't have to make it clear; she knew that he was asking her not to tell Molly that he hadn't lost his memory. She heaved a heavy sigh, "Brian, I hate to see you in so much pain."

"This is nothing compared to the pain of losing her forever," Brian answered dully. "Letting her go is the best choice, Shirley. She can live a peaceful life just like she has always dreamed of, and Mark can grow up in a better world, away from all this danger. As his father, it's the best gift I can give him."

Shirley wrapped her arms around her son tightly and rubbed his head softly against her cheek. She felt his overwhelming pain, but she could do nothing about it. Her lips quivered as she said, "Okay, I won't tell her." Her eyes fell on the divorce agreement and the ring, which had fallen to the ground beside Brian. Her eyes itched as they started welling with tears. She said with a heavy heart, "Brian, if you believe that you've made the right decision, then I won't stop you. Richie and I will always support you. And Wing will always have your back."

Brian listened to his mother's comforting words. But when he closed his eyes, the defeated backs of Molly and Mark leaving hand in hand appeared vividly in his mind. His heart tightened in his chest. He asked, "Shirley, Wing will wake u

door. She waited for a while, but nobody answered. She frowned slightly and looked around the house through the window. It looked deserted. Finally, she squeezed her hand into the small hole near the door frame. When her hand touched the cold metal, she pulled it out with a faint smile. The copper key was in its usual place.

Molly sighed and unlocked the door. She held Mark's hand and walked into the house. As soon as she walked in, she was hit with the smell of accumulated dust. It looked as if the house had been unoccupied for quite a long time.

Frowning, Molly turned the lights on. Looking around, she wondered, 'Where is Papa? Isn't he living here anymore?'

She was too tired to dwell on the thought. Pushing the trolley case aside, she squatted in front of Mark, stroked his head and said softly, "Mark, Mommy will help you take a quick bath and then we'll go to bed, okay?" Mark nodded. Molly smiled, and walked towards the bathroom.

She had lived in the house for more than a dozen years. She was familiar with everything there though she hadn't been back for several years. After bathing Mark, Molly replaced the bedsheets on her bed with clean ones she took out of the wardrobe. Since the sheets hadn't been basked for too long, they smelled a little moist and musty, but Molly couldn't be picky at the moment.

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