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   Chapter 732 The Farewell (Part Six)

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Updated: 2019-05-27 06:18

Eric turned to his uncle. But before he could continue, his uncle lifted up his hand, stopping him. "Not all things in this world have happy endings. Sometimes, loosing something is also the part of the growing process." he said in a level and calm voice.

Eric didn't say anything; he didn't want to go against his uncle, but he also didn't want Molly to leave. He wished that there were some way to make her stay. As the wailing from the group continued, he sighed and closed his eyes, turning his face away from them, not wanting to watch the group in their suffering.

After a while, Molly pulled back from Mark and Shirley. Wiping the tears on her face, she pulled out the divorce papers out of her purse, which she had already signed. She set them on her lap and then turned her attention to the diamond ring that adorned her marriage finger. She tugged on it, pulling it off of her finger, leaving her finger naked and bare like her heart. It seemed funny to her that once, the ring that symbolized their marriage and love now brought her extreme sadness. Now she needed to discard her once cherished diamond ring, which she had ever valued since the day that she and Brian made their vows and were proclaimed husband and wife. Once she had pulled the ring off of her finger, she set it aside, along with the divorce papers, on her bedside table, then she looked around the room blearily, her eyes seeming to be in a daze still. She smirked, more to herself than anyone else, and let out a very brief laugh.

'It's so ironic how my life has turned out! Five whole years I spent married to him. Five whole years I've wasted on hating him, resenting him, and now look! Five years ago, we fell in love with each other one snowy evening, and today, the snow is the same snow, and the people, me and Brian, are the same people. The exact same! But only there's no love anymore. It's disappeared as though it never existed in the first place. Now I am no one to him. No one. I'm just like any other ordinary girl to him... maybe I'm revolting to him, disgusting. I'm not any different than the other girls who would crawl all over him, the kind of girl he despised.' Molly closed her eyes. It was all so unbelievable and insane and depressing to her.

Five whole years have passed, spending mostly in misunderstanding and resentment. Looking back at her life, she found that she hadn't really considered hi

to stay a minute longer. Every minute she spent, every look she took intensified her pain even deeper. She felt as if she was standing on the verge of an abyss, and she felt like in another minute, she would fall down and collapse into the dark, bottomless hole and would be unable to come back to life again. She glanced around at the crowd of people who had gathered to see her and Mark off. Her eyes found Shirley and Richie. "Dad, Mom," she called to them, her legs feeble and her voice weak. "Allow me to say this one last time... thank you so much for your love and support for all of my years here, living with you and your family... and thank you for giving birth to Brian. Because of him, I learned what love is and I got to have so many good memories..." She stopped, not being able to finish. Her feeble heart would not let her.

"Little Molly..." Unable to contain her emotions, Shirley ran up to her and wrapped her up in her arms. Her tears started pouring out of her eyes as she spoke to her, "No, Molly, I don't want this to be the last time you call me Mom.... I want you calling me Mom always, forever. I love you so much."

Molly bit her lips, trying to fight back her tears. She didn't notice that her teeth were about to pierce through her skin and make it bleed; she was too overwhelmed with emotion.

Seeing that Molly was in so much distress already, Richie stepped forward and set a hand gently on his wife's back, rubbing it slowly. "Why don't we let them go?" he asked softly. "Let's let them go without any sad memories of us. Let's not make her remember your suffering."

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