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   Chapter 731 The Farewell (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8137

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In the bedroom of the luxury suite room, Brian was seated on the floor in front of the door with his back leaning against the wood. He was clenching his fists as his heart was hurting as he heard Eric's cries from the hallway. He knew that Molly was there and he knew that she must be so heartbroken and so distressed. It hurt him that he hurt her like that, but he didn't go out. He did not move from his spot.

Ling was standing in front of him with her arms folded lightly across her front. She looked down at Brian, who seemed to be in as much pain as Eric and Molly right this moment. She sighed, crouching down in front of him. "Does it really have to be like this?" she asked him softly. Her heart ached, seeing him suffering.

Brian closed his eyes. The sadness seemed to be rippling in great waves across his mind and it showed on his face. He felt an urge to yell, to cry, to rush to Molly's side and tell her how much he loved her. But he couldn't. For a long time, he sat there, quiet and still, trying so hard to fight back his tears. He immersed himself in the pain and suffering that he was feeling. No one could understand how much he was hurting for himself and for Molly. But he couldn't show his true heart to anyone, not even to Molly. He wanted her to forget him, to get away from him, for her own safety, but instead she was right outside his hotel room, convinced that he had lost his memory. Brian could not bear to think how much she was being tricked, and how much he was hurting her directly and indirectly.

It was a long time until he'd calmed down somewhat. He got up and went over to the armchair by the window and sunk into it. All of his energy seemed to have drained out of his once powerful body. It was slackened now, empty of all emotions, echoing the emptiness of his eyes and his heart. 'Eric and Molly must have gone now, ' he thought. Maybe she got better and they both left, or maybe they were still outside in the hallway. He wasn't sure. But he tried to keep his mind off them for now. Although he was sitting rigidly and trying not to make too much sound, Ling could hear him gritting his teeth from pain.

Although she did not know him well and did not care much about him, Ling was perturbed to see him in so much pain. "If love is this painful, and this hurtful..." she started, her voice soft and full of sadness and pity. She went to sit on the edge of the bed. "I would rather live

ever Molly decided to do, it would make her happy, and so Shirley would be happy for her. As the realization of Molly's leaving set in, Shirley stepped over to them and enveloped Molly and Mark into a hug. She held both of them close. Eric had told her what had happened the day before, and so she could not complain. Molly had made up her mind and it wasn't her place to question her decision. Knowing how fragile Molly was, Shirley knew how hard it would all have crushed her heart. The greater the hope, the bigger the disappointment. After all that Molly had been through the day before, the last glimmer of her hope would be shattered. There was nothing more that could hold Molly to Shirley's home. "Little Molly, remember my words always. Wherever you go, you are always my daughter-in-law. I love you both. You are always welcome here!" Shirley's voice was firm and resolute.

As she spoke those words, tears began flowing out of her eyes, unapologetically cascading down her cheeks. Shirley didn't move to wipe them away or hold herself back. If her tears were able to make her suffering heart feel the tiniest bit better, she would welcome all the tears in the world to come. She would consider herself blessed.

The air around them seemed as though it was affected by the ice-cold pain in their hearts, frozen in time and space. Molly, Mark, and Shirley stayed hugging, holding each other close, and keeping each other's crying company with their own wailing. It was a depressing sight, and Eric and his uncle Richie were standing by the door, watching the scene unfold in front of them.

"Uncle Richie..."

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