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   Chapter 730 The Farewell (Part Four)

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Eric nodded at her. "Little Molly, are you ready?"

Molly fixed her red, swollen, puffy eyes on him. In her heart, she was far from ready but at the same time, she wanted to find out the truth about Brian. She knew that her sorrows had to end, and today was as good as any other time. Molly braced herself up and then looked back at him again. "I'm terrified," she told him. "But, I have to face him. I need to find out the truth." Her voice was quiet but resolute.

Eric smiled, glad to hear her say that, and stared at her for a while. His love and care for her were swelling up inside. He nodded and then motioned for her to wait where she wouldn't be seen by Brian. Then he turned to the door. With another glance at Molly, he knocked on the door

in a way that sounded both urgent and desperate.

"Brian!" he shouted, knocking without relenting. "Brian, open the door!" he continued.

A few seconds later, the door opened and Brian stood in front of Eric in his pajamas. His cold, emotionless gaze was fixed on Eric.

"Brian," Eric started, panting as to make it seem like he was in a panicked state. "It's Little Molly... she got into a car accident."

"What does that have to do with me?" Brian responded immediately in a voice that was cold and void of any feelings or any emotions. Instead, his looked annoyed; he did not seem worried at all. "You came all the way here to tell me this very trivial piece of news?" Brian raised an eyebrow.

Eric was stunned. How could Brian be so cold and uncaring about Molly? His voice was like a cube of ice pressed against his face. It was so unbelievably cold and heartless. Eric cleared his throat and tried again. "Brian, Little Molly--your wife--got into a car accident!" "Little Molly got into a car accident," Eric repeated the words, wondering how such a person could push aside a warning like this.

Brian raised his eyebrow again. "I heard you the first time," he said coolly. "But again, what exactly does that have to do with me?"

"Brian!" Eric cried, but stopped. He was so shocked and could not finish his sentence.

"Eric," Brian said in the same cold, unfeeling voice. Now it had a hint of exasperation as well. "You should know that I don't care about her. So don't tell me anything about her because I won't care."

"Brian?" called a female's voice from behind them. Eric watched in horror as a woman stepped out of the bathroom a

onsoling her. "He just lost his memory," he told her, "and he will remember one day. Right now, he has no idea what he is doing. He is not thinking straight. He doesn't remember. He doesn't know." Eric rubbed her back as he said these things.

His voice trailed off as he ran out of things to say. He didn't know how to further console her. Rubbing her back with one hand and supporting her with the other, he held her; unable to imagine what hell she must be going through. Molly was staring up at the ceiling; she could see that there were light fixtures, but they were blurry as her eyes started to tear up again. Her body started to tremble as she started crying, her heart aching and everything aching along as though her individual body parts all had empathy for one another. Everything around her seemed to swirl, as though a hurricane was happening in front of her and was swallowing everything. She almost felt like she was in the center of the hurricane. Her mind replayed the moment when she saw Brian on the phone screen. His nonchalance and disgust all became so vivid to her mind. His cold words were repeated in her mind. 'Molly has nothing to do with me, ' he had said over and over.

Although she had an idea of how Brian would react tonight, she was not ready to hear the reality of it, or see it for herself. She wouldn't have ever been ready. It was all such an oppressive state for her. As her mind played back those words that he had said, she felt more and more heavy and her mind started to get more and more dazed. She fainted. She couldn't hear anything but Eric's desperate cries.

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