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   Chapter 729 The Farewell (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8459

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But now they were both hurting. Molly was hurting because of him, and he was hurting because of her, all because they loved each other so much. Brian tensed a bit in the chair and relaxed, sinking more into the chair as the weight of the pain he was feeling inside got heavier. He closed his eyes again and tried to appease his pain. .

Back in the hotel lobby, the doctor had arrived and was working on the wounds on Eric's back. Carefully he took several glass shards that had been lodged into his skin with a forceps and then bandaged the man's back. After he was done, he nodded to Eric and reminded, "Mr. Eric Long, the wounds are not deep so you don't have to worry much. However, as there are plenty of wounds that you have sustained, they will continue to hurt. For a few days, please avoid letting water touch the wounds. I will come and change your medicine every day."

Eric nodded. "Thank you," he said to the doctor, his voice void of any emotions. He was exhausted. He ordered the hotel staff to escort the doctor to the lobby doors. After the doctor was gone, Eric turned to Molly, who was still in the dazed and numb state and was looking ahead mindlessly. He groaned in pain as he got up to sit beside her. "Little Molly, you are not worrying about me, are you? These wounds are nothing. You know that I've gotten a lot of training as a candidate to rule the family ever since I was a child, right? So it goes without saying that there would be a lot of wounds along the way. These wounds I got today couldn't compare with what I've had growing up. I don't even feel them." Eric smiled at her, hoping that would lessen her worry.

Turning to face Eric, Molly stared at him with empty eyes for some time. She was suffused with complete darkness in her heart. She felt that she was filled with desperation and something sad, something terrifying. Whenever she tried to think on her thoughts and formulate a response for him, she could not think of anything. Her mind was full, yet it was empty.

Seeing that she was stiff and slightly trembling, Eric leaned over to wrap his arms around her, enveloping her in a warm hug. He hated to see her this way, suffering and enduring the hardships. It was unbearable for him. Molly had always meant something to him, for a long time. When that car was driving towards her at full speed, that was when his heart truly stopped and his mind went blank and racked with the sudden fear of losing her.

"Little Molly..." His voice broke. He gulped breathlessly. "I hate seeing

y knew about yet. A few moments later, he pulled Molly up by her hand. "Come on, let's go find out the truth," he said with determination.

At first, Molly was hesitant. She looked at Eric, unsure about it all; it sounded all too crazy to her. But finally she nodded. "Okay," she said. She followed Eric to the elevators and when one came, they walked briskly in and pressed the button to the floor Brian was on.

When the elevator reached their destination, Molly suddenly felt heavy with anxiety and her feet felt as if they couldn't work properly anymore. They did not move forward. Eric glanced back at her when he sensed her distress and smiled comfortingly at her, gently placing a hand on her arm and then leading her out. The corridor was void of people and was eerily quiet. They could hear their own footsteps as they walked down the carpeted floor. As they got closer and closer to Brian's room, Molly's heart became heavier and heavier.

"You wait here," Eric said once they reached Brian's room. He tucked a hand in his pocket and pulled out a small device and pulled off the adhesive sticker on the back. Then he stuck the device on the door to Brian's room and pulled out his phone from his other pocket. Molly watched as he started to pair the device to his phone. A 'beep' sound went off a few seconds later, indicating that the pairing was complete. "You hold this and wait here while I go inside," he told Molly, handing her the phone. "We're gonna find out the truth."

Baffled, Molly looked at him, and then looked at his phone. The display screen showed the door to the room that Brian was staying in. Astonished, Molly looked back at him, her eyes wide.

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