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   Chapter 728 The Farewell (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8073

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A few minutes ago, she had completed her task, which was to stand by the room door and make obscene, lewd noises, like the ones that she heard on the x-rated tapes. 'A rather good job I did, ' she thought as she drank her wine. Then she noticed Brian looking at her. Ling blinked and then winced as she turned to face him. "Take off your clothes. Now!" he demanded suddenly.

"What? Mr. Brian Long!" she cried in shock. "You know our deal, and that was not the deal that we had agreed on. I only have to make those sounds to deceive Molly. That is all."

Brian did not respond. For several moments, he locked his deep, black eyes on her, as if he was contemplating something else entirely. Chills ran down Ling's spine at his intent gaze, not knowing what he was thinking or what he wanted to do with her. Brian was everything a man was supposed to be: rich, powerful, and really good-looking, and Ling wasn't blind to all of that, but fucking him just wasn't an option. How could she do that when Molly was outside, heart-broken and in utter despair and anguish? Ling would feel like a wicked and malevolent person if she did that, and she didn't want to be a wicked, malevolent person at all.

While she stood there, hesitated and deep in thought, Brian had already taken off his shirt, exposing his powerful and muscular body as if to entice her.

If there was one word to describe his body, it would be muscular. There was not a hint of loose skin anywhere on him. Everything was tight and strong and Ling would have swooned in front of him right there if it weren't for her dignity, which was the only thing overrode her desire for him. "Mr. Brian Long… what exactly do you mean?" she stammered and blushed, her cheeks turning a light pink. "I don't want to," she added.

"Neither do I," Brian answered immediately. His face stayed cold and expressionless as it had ever been. "I bet she will come here to confirm by herself in a minute."

"Really?" Ling asked, uncertainty and relief washing over her.

Brian gave her no further explanation to her dismay.

Reluctantly, Ling began to take off her clothes, everything but her bra and panties. As soon as she had finished undressing, Brian ordered her to get on the bed and lie down. She reluctantly complied.

She moved slowly onto the bed, trying not to imagine them doing it. As soon as she lay on the bed, and Brian got on the bed to crawl over

in thought. "Mr. Brian Long," she said finally, her voice taking on an air of professionalism, "We are not allowed to have such privilege as falling in love with someone during our term of service."

Brian opened his eyes slowly and looked at her. In his eyes, Ling could see that there were some helplessness and regret swimming in a pool of doubt. After a pause, he spoke again, in a voice that sounded distant and almost foreign, "When love comes, no one sees it and no one can stop it from happening. They just fall in love. People are powerless to love. We can't resist it."

Ling frowned. "Maybe..." She was bewildered and when she spoke, she spoke rather hollowly. She mused on her own thoughts; she wasn't agreeing with him but rather just giving him something to digest. From where she stood, nothing could force her to do anything against her will or have power over her. As long as she refused to do something, she didn't have to do it, not even love.

Watching her, Brian realized that she did not agree with his view on love, which was fine. He too had been like that before. He, like Ling, believed that nothing had the power to make him do or say anything that he wasn't in control over. He was in charge of his own life and nothing could stand in place of himself. Now he believed that no one could escape from love. Not even a formidable person such as himself. Brian really believed that he, a man of big stature and somewhat intimidating demeanor, and Molly, a demure and sentimental soul were destined to be together once upon a time, entangled in the mess that was the fate of love.

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