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   Chapter 726 Performing A Play (Part Two)

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With these thoughts in her mind, Molly choked with sobs. With her hands levering her from the ground and her head down, she cried more tears. The teardrops that fell on the brown carpet gradually became invisible, just like the relationship between her and Brian. They had loved each other but their love disappeared in an instant.

Meanwhile, Brian was standing beside the window and looking at the garden outside inside the presidential suite. The burning cigarette between his slender fingers was giving out curling smoke that enveloped him in both sadness and loneliness.

Ling was eating an apple in her hand while looking at Brian's back. She could not help but roll her eyes. "Mr. Brian Long, why are you even bothering yourself and her like this?" she asked. Curling her lips, she looked at the door of the suite. She couldn't see anything, so she could just imagine how the woman outside would look like at the moment. She added, "You're overwhelmed with sorrow, and so is she..."

Brian didn't answer her. He raised his hand slowly to put the cigarette between his thin lips and inhaled. Then he puffed the smoke lightly, looking outside through the smoke. His heart was silently getting crashed despite his poker face. "It's your turn to give a show..." he reminded Ling.

Showing the whites of her eyes, Ling said, "Seriously, I have never acted in such a play. It will be so challenging!" She threw the residual apple into a fruit tray. "If I fail to convince her with my acting, please don't blame me," she added.

"If you fail..." Brian said while squinting slightly, "I'll kill you!"

Hearing the cold and bloody words, Ling nearly fell down after just standing up a moment ago. She looked at Brian, who happened to be turning around to look at her too. She said, "Mr. Brian, I have to play two roles at the same time with two different kinds of voices. It's just too difficult..." Nevertheless, seeing the dark light from Brian's eyes, Ling corrected herself hastily, "It makes me so excited! It is a very challenging job. Since I'm able to do this, I'm sure to win the first place in our year-end assessment this year! I will thank you for giving me such a chance... Hmm, that's all that I want to say." She didn't forget to nod hard to convince herself after saying this. She couldn't believe what she was doing! She would direct and act a two-role play by herself soon. She would have two audiences. One was this man, and the other was the woman outside.

Brian took a cold glance at Ling and then turned back to look out the window. Behind him, Ling thought, 'No woman would love such a cold-blooded and moody man like you except for the stupid one outside the door.'

For the fifth time that day, she rolled her eyes. She then walked to the door of the suite and looked through the peephole

t out.

Her hand was still on the doorknob. Her legs felt like lead when she trotted to the room slowly until she saw the king-size bed.

Then that was it. Everything around her felt like it collapsed as her gaze landed on the couple on the bed. She was frozen while looking at the bare back of the beautiful man before her and the long hair of the woman sensually scattered on the sheets. She wanted to escape but her feet seemed to stick on the ground, thus, she couldn't move.

Tears instantly filled her eyes as everything inside her felt dull. However, she could still see how the man was sexily moving atop the woman who was writhing on the bed.

"Ah!" Ling suddenly screamed in panic upon seeing Molly.

Brian frowned slightly and turned his head. His face automatically became gloomy and mad as soon as their eyes met. "How did you get in?" he asked.

Molly looked at him and blinked multiple times. Then she silently turned around and walked away. She even closed the door carefully after stepping out of the room.

Molly walked towards the end of the corridor in unsteady steps. Standing before the elevator, she raised her hand to press the down button. When the door of the elevator opened, she walked in and pressed the button for the first floor.

The elevator arrived at the first floor. She walked out as soon as the elevator opened. With an empty expression, she just walked out of the hotel as if she couldn't see anything.

"Little Molly?" Eric was a little stunned upon seeing how Molly looked like. He hurriedly tried to catch up with her.

Molly was moving like a robot as she walked down the steps. When she reached the road outside the hotel, she had lost her soul completely.

A bright light flashed towards her followed by the roaring sounds of a car horn. Molly turned her head blankly and saw a speeding car moving towards her.


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