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   Chapter 725 Performing A Play (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8626

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Love is like two people pulling a rubber band towards the opposite directions. Once the time comes, the one who isn't willing to let go of his/her grip will surely be the one to get lashed the moment the other lets go.


"Bri..." Molly's voice sounded sad even though she was holding her emotions back. Her face looked pale because of her recent high fever and long mental stress. Even her lips were chapped, thus, making her looked more haggard.

Hand in hand with Ling, Brian walked towards Molly and finally stopped before her. Slightly looked down at her with his intimidating gaze and said, "What are you doing here?" He didn't even conceal how disgusted he was with the lady.

Ling pressed her lips slightly. She looked very noble while wearing her light rosy wool dress and a smoky gray cape. Compared with the charming Ling, Molly could be described as extremely disheveled at that moment. Her pale face, her dry lips, her somewhat messy hair, her peaky appearance... all these looked so incompatible with everything and everybody around her.

On the other hand, Ling looked a little embarrassed. She tried to get rid of Brian's grip but she failed. In the end, she could do nothing but smile and nod to Molly as a greeting. Then she turned her head to look at Brian and said in a low voice, "Bri, loosen your hand."

Brian glanced at her and saw the request in her eyes. Finally, he opened the door of the suite and said to her, "You may wait for me in the room. I've told someone to buy a nightgown for you." Those provocative words came out of his thin lips shamelessly. His voice was deep and magnetic, almost pampering.

It made Ling took a look at Molly worriedly. However, she didn't say anything more when she pressed her lips again and nodded. She then turned around and entered the suite.

The door slammed shut in front of Molly. Just staring at that door seriously made her feel sick. There was this type of bitterness that made its way from her heart to every fiber of her being.

"Say it. What do you want to say to me?" Brian asked. With both hands in his trouser pockets, he looked down at Molly again like she was just a piece of trash. He said, "I don't think it's necessary for you to talk with me anymore if you don't want to sign the divorce agreement. The outcome will be the same anyway whether you sign it or not." He saw Molly raised her face and looked at him when he took a pause. His heart ached and he felt so suffocated when their eyes met. His coldness nearly collapsed with how pitiful she was. However, he chose to stay cold an

leave him as long as he didn't discard her. What should she do now? He wanted to discard her just like how one would discard a pair of old shoes. He didn't even conceal his disgusted expressions to her at all.

After taking a slight glance at Molly, Brian opened the door and entered the suite without even saying a word.

The door didn't slam shut but it was closed in an indifferent way.

Molly suddenly felt that her legs and feet were too weak to even support her body. She fell down and knelt on the ground. Her face looked even paler now compared to how it had been. She was staring at the garbage can blankly.

She had once thrown the ring away because of fury. However, she had searched for it for two nights after that as if she had been bewitched. Another time, Fly had thrown that ring away too, then she had looked for it in the heavy rain as if she had been crazy. It was different now that it was Brian who threw it away. She didn't even have the courage or ground to look for it and take it back.

She told herself that Brian was just losing his memory and that he truly loved her.

All of a sudden, she closed her eyes to squeeze her tears out. She had been convincing herself that the reason why Brian was doing this was that he lost his memory. She told herself not to give up regardless of what would happen. However, her defenses were all destroyed easily when she heard him say "since I dislike you so much, I just can't imagine how I could fall in love with you before".

He hated her! Wing had been paralyzed as a result of her foolishness. Since Brian valued Wing so much, he would never forgive her. Therefore, he was punishing her by losing his memory and being disgusted with her.

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