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   Chapter 723 Add Insult To Injury (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7063

Updated: 2019-05-25 15:43

"Bri," Ling's strained voice called Brian's attention. "I'm a bit tired. I'll go back first. You drive her home."

"No," Brian shifted his eyes from Molly to Ling, "I'll take you home."

Ling's lips opened to say something, but was stopped by Brian's pointed look. She closed her lips and simply nodded her head, as her eyes cast a sympathetic glance at Molly. She then held Brian's arm and they left the bar together without a word.

A fresh set of tears instantly welled up in Molly's already reddened eyes. She just remained there still and basked in the pain of her broken heart as everything went in a blur around her.

"Hey, hey..." the bartender called her as he looked at the party crowd and waiters, "Miss Xia... Oh, Mrs. Long, shouldn't you chase them out?" He said in an attempt to placate her. He truly felt sorry for her, and murmured, "Ah, these third wheels are so high-profile. That Mr. Brian Long is no good either. Yes, he is wealthy and powerful. So what? How can he humiliate and desert his wife like this?"

He placed the drink he was mixing on the counter and gently pulled Molly's sleeve. He advised, "It's no use crying over the spilled milk. You should either slap the third wheel or teach your husband a good lesson in bed. He is a man, after all." He was about to continue, but he decided to stop when he saw Molly's tear-stricken face as she just stared at him.

In turn, Molly just pursed her lips, but she was still determined. She took a deep breath, thanked the bartender and went to the doors and out of the bar.

It was biting cold and the streets were carpeted in fluffy white snow as gales of frosty wind blew in the crisp winter night. Molly aimlessly wandered the streets in just her waitress uniform that was too thin for the weather, but no matter how much the cold nipped at her skin, she was too heartbroken to feel anything.

A gust of wind swept through Molly's long hair, messing up the strands a bit. She stopped at a sidewalk and her bloodshot eyes gazed up at the night sky. It was dark and no stars lit it up, except for the crescent moon that hung abo

. Even an optimist like her felt a bit blue now. The atmosphere in the car was indeed saddening.

On the driver's side, Brian bent to the side and pulled the knob on the bottom to recline his seat, and lay on it. Molly's agonized and bitter face surfaced on his mind. His heart twisted in pain and if it could, it would drip blood because that was how much it ached. A bitter frown formed on his thin lips.

"Mr. Brian Long," Ling said with a stuffy voice, "If Molly doesn't sign the document in three days, what do you do then?" Her orbs turned to look at Brian, whose eyes were tightly shut as if deep in thought. After all, it was true that he didn't lose his memory; he still loved Molly deeply. If Molly still flat-out refused to sign the papers, what could he do then?

"She will sign it," Brian's voice was cold and aloof, but the hint of sorrow didn't escape Ling.

Ling only pursed her lips and disagreed with him, "I don't think so." Her brows rose up in deep thought before she continued, "My intuition tells me that weak though she might seem, she is definitely resolute. She wouldn't give up on you so easily. I'm sure she wouldn't just sign it."

"She will," Brian pressed as he gradually opened his eyes. "There is but a thin line between hopeful and hopeless." His eyes went back to Ling and he added, "If you know a person well enough, it'd be a piece of cake to beat her down. "

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