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   Chapter 722 Add Insult To Injury (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7237

Updated: 2019-05-25 15:33

The best way to crush a man was to add insult to injury. No one ever escaped it.

"I won't sign it," Molly's resolute voice rose.

The bar seemed to grow even dimmer as the tension between the three people by the counter rose. Molly's loud, clear voice was firm and resolute as her steady gaze bored through Brian's figure. She tried her best to ignore the woman by his side.

The sharp, biting words drew Brian and Ling's eyes to Molly. Brian stopped stirring his drink and stared at her. She stood in front of them stubbornly with clenched fists and sorrowful eyes, but she managed to play tough anyway. "Brian, I won't sign it. I won't divorce you," she said to emphasize her decision. She was definitely not backing down.

The bartender momentarily paused mixing alcohol as he shot a distracted look from where Molly's loud voice came from. He was first puzzled at this woman's anger, then his confusion melted into scorn. 'Ah, girls these days are either paranoid or desperate to win guys' attention, ' he pondered as he willed his hands and eyes to continue mixing drinks.

"Bri, who is she?" The woman, Ling, asked as her slender fingers placed the glass on the counter. She wore an elegant blue gown and her hair was styled into a simple but tasteful up do. Her movements were languid but graceful, and she looked noble and elegant.

"I'm his wife," Molly stressed with gritted teeth in anger before Brian could even answer. Her lips were pressed in a thin line as her doe eyes stared head-on at her husband, yet he only remained indifferent except for the scornful look he gave at her words.

Ling only frowned slightly as her eyes held all the sorrow, but she went back to her elegant, poised self. "Bri, I'll leave first..." She murmured in a shaky voice as she tried to get up from the bar stool, but her hand was grasped by Brian before she could even try. "Brian, let go of me," she said calmly.

"She is the one who should leave," The deep, aloof voice of Brian spoke. He gave Molly a disgusted glance, then turned to the woman beside him. "I don't know her. She is nothing to me," he said reassuringly.

However, a bitter smile etc

esperate and heartbroken. As his eyes scanned her up and down, he slowly scowled, "I don't have a waitress wife. I am Brian. My wife would never stoop so low." His voice was filled with even more contempt as he added, "Molly, who are you to stand beside me, to be my wife? You are nothing. You are not even pretty. Why would I ever love a woman like you? You should know your place."

His words were such a pain to hear that poor, heartbroken Molly staggered. Her hands gripped the edge of the counter to prevent herself from falling. With gritted teeth, her bloodshot eyes tearfully looked at Brian and she slowly said, "Because I'm Mark's mother. Your only son, Mark. You love me."

He only sneered at her and scornfully replied, "Any woman could mother my child if I want to. Your son is merely an accident. The only child I ever want is that of Ling and me. "

His stinging words were like a painful stab to Molly's gut. Her face blanched and her legs felt like they lost their muscles. If it wasn't for the counter's support, she would have already collapsed to the ground. She had to be strong for herself as she had no choice but to remind herself once again that Brian said that he forgot her and Mark, only because he had amnesia. That was the only way she could embolden herself even for a bit, otherwise she would completely give up on him--leaving her with the cold version of him, while his caring one went to another woman.

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