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   Chapter 721 I'll Never Sign The Divorce Agreement (Part Three)

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"Yes, I understand," replied Molly in a soft tone. She hadn't tried to understand his character in the past and had refused to look into his heart. To be frank, she was a coward, afraid of braving her circumstances directly. To protect herself, she chose to blind her eyes and seal herself in an unbreakable shell whenever she was faced with a problem, especially when it came to matters of Brian. When the small problems evolved into bigger ones, she got more scared. As a result, the lack of communication and understanding between them had widened beyond repair. Molly sighed and said, "There were too many issues between us, and too many bad memories. Maybe it's good that all those sour memories were erased from his mind. And it might be good for me too." She lifted her eyes to look into Shirley's and said with new determination, "Mom, Brian has done so much for me. This time, I want to do something for him."

Shirley's lips curled into a gentle smile, "Little Molly, no matter how this whole thing is going to end up, you'll always be my daughter-in-law. This is a fact no one can change."

Molly smiled and got off the car.

Shirley looked at her back as she walked towards the hotel. Molly hadn't had proper sleep for the past several months. She was so haggard and skinny now. As Brian's mother, Shirley understood how much her son loved Molly. He was willing to do anything for her, even at the expense of his life. When Brian had claimed to have lost his memories, she thought that he was just pretending for Wing's sake. So she had tested him, in every conceivable way she could think of. But no matter how hard she had tried, she couldn't see those familiar emotions in his eyes which he used to show Molly. She could never forget the look in his eyes when he was in love with Molly. It was so full of affection and adoration for her. But that was gone now. He was cold to Mark too.

What did it mean when a man assumed such a cold face in front of his beloved wife and child and treated them as strangers? He either remembered nothing or he was a very good actor. If Brian had really lost his memories, maybe it meant that he had to forget them as the past was too harsh for him. But if he had designed this of his own volition...

Shirley felt a stabbing pain in her heart, feeling sorry for all the pain and suffering her son had gone through and the sufferings that were awaiting him in the future. She glanced at Molly who had already entered the hotel lobby. Tears welled in her eyes. How much determination and courage Brian must

all, you are the queen of this party."

The woman flashed her most charming smile at the handsome man in front of her, her eyes full of desire for him.

Molly just stood there, staring at them and forgetting all about her job as a waitress. The woman in Brian's arm was wearing a succinct blue dress. The elaborate design fit her sexual figure perfectly. The bulge of her plump breasts was appropriately revealed to form an alluring shape. The partly visible cleavage posed as a great attraction for any man. Although Molly could only see half of her lineament, she could very well guess how beautiful she was.

"Brian, you're amazing as always," the woman said in a sweet tone, "Please stop being so nice to me. I'm afraid I might fall in love with you."

"Ling, you know how I feel about you. Do you really have to say something like that?" asked Brian in a helpless tone. "You know why I took Becky as my girlfriend. She resembles you so much. I saw you in her because you weren't around for all these years."

Ling lowered her eyes as she blushed and asked, "Brian, we haven't seen each other in a long time. We parted many years ago. Do you still have those same feelings towards me? Do you still love me?"

"Yes, of course," Brian answered confidently, "You know I've been waiting for you. Your return was a pleasant surprise. I'm happy that you're finally here with me."

Ling lifted her head up to look into Brian's intense eyes, "But you're married, Brian."

"That woman?" Brian sneered coldly, "She will sign the divorce agreement within three days."

"No! I'll never sign the divorce agreement!"

Molly roared in her fury, ignoring all the curious looks from all around her.

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