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   Chapter 720 I'll Never Sign The Divorce Agreement (Part Two)

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"Just do as I say!" Spark raised his head up and looked into Manny's eyes, "Nanny, my hands are useless. It's impossible for me to even hold a coffee cup after going through so much physiotherapy. Do you think that a hand like this," he lifted his left hand which was trembling and asked, "could ever play the violin again?"

"Spark, we can go abroad for treatment! Your hands can be cured. They will be!" Manny roared desperately. Spark's words were unacceptable to him. As far as Manny was concerned, Spark was the most talented violinist he had ever seen, next to Russell. Music and violin had become a part of his life, and it was a part of who he was. To divide it and separate it from him, wouldn't that be as cruel as cutting a part of his flesh from his body? That would be the most merciless thing he could do to himself.

Spark's face showed no sign of emotions. "You know it clearly, Nanny. My hands can never be cured. They've been crippled forever." Spark looked at the palm of his hands. The scars left by the stabbing were still visible. He touched it gently and murmured, "Even if the wound is cured, my hands would be too feeble to control the cords. Spark Su is nothing special without his hands and his violin. He will lead an ordinary life, like any other ordinary man."

Manny's distressed eyes settled on Spark. His eyes turned crimson red as he tried hard to suppress his tears. After a while, he dashed out of the kitchen without saying a word to anybody.

"It's getting late. You guys should go back home," Spark said to the attendants who gathered at the kitchen door. He looked at their sad faces and continued to joke, "Well, since I cannot give you a hand in work, you'll have lots of jobs to do on your own. So get some rest."

"Boss..." The girls felt pain in their eyes as they filled with tears. But none of them dared to blink, lest the tears fall without control. They had been working in the Summer Breeze for a while, and knew what type of person their boss was. He was a proud violinist, confident in his music and his performance. Although he had tried his best to pretend to be relaxed, he must be devastated. Everybody knew it.

"I'm okay, guys." Spark flashed a gentle smile and said, "You don't have to worry so much about me. I feel your sympathy. You know how much I hate being pitied."

The girls exchanged glances with each other and then left quietly. The crowded kitchen soon became empty, with Spark standing alone in front of a table.

The peaceful mask on h

all the unhappy memories will be washed away by his tears. However, that was just a child's naive notion.

The street was bustling with cars and pedestrians. The Sophia Hotel stood in the middle of downtown like a luminous tower in a sea of colorful neon lamps.

Molly looked at the entrance of the Sophia Hotel in a daze. Her mind was a sheer mess as different emotions surged into her like overwhelming waves from a roaring sea. The pain in her heart had a bitter taste now.

"Little Molly," said Shirley, casting a look in the direction of the hotel, a stern expression on her face, "this is all I can do for you. You have to face the wall between you and Brian, and win his heart again on your own."

Molly nodded. She pushed the car door open and was about to leave when Shirley stopped her. She turned to look at Shirley, the bitterness in her heart intensifying by the second.

"Brian has always been an independent child, ever since he was a little boy," said Shirley in a low voice. "He never clings to anyone. The only one he wishes to hang out with is Wing." She paused as a painful glint flashed in her eyes. As a mother, Brian's aloof attitude towards her might have hurt her several times. She steadied herself and continued, "Brian is Richie's son, through and through. He was born into this special family which had bestowed upon him a different life from that of ordinary people. Though we never imposed any requirements on Brian and he had the freedom to decide what kind of person he wanted to be, as a member of the Long family, his character might have been etched in his blood. There are things we cannot change. Do you understand, Little Molly?"

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