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   Chapter 719 I'll Never Sign The Divorce Agreement (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7773

Updated: 2019-05-25 00:02

The greatest pain that you have inflicted upon me is that you spared no effort in making me believe that I meant everything to you yesterday, yet you behave like I'm nothing to you today.

Your loveless look is like a sharp knife darted directly at my heart.

"I understand that he doesn't remember me anymore. But what about Mark? He's his son. How can he just disown Mark?" Molly's lips trembled in agony, as she tried to ignore the stabbing pain in her heart. She held Mark's tiny hand firmly in her left hand, and had the divorce agreement clutched tightly in her right. Brian's signature on it was as beautiful as a flying dragon; there was no hesitation when he had signed it.

Eric crouched beside Molly, his legs crossed leisurely. "Brian has lost all his memories of you, Mol," he said, looking at Molly. He then rested his eyes on Mark, who looked visibly distressed. He paused to steady himself because he had no idea how Molly would react to his next words. He continued with dismay, "You're just a stranger in his eyes. And if it weren't for Mark, he would have..."

"Killed me?" Molly cut in before Eric could finish his sentence. She stared into his eyes with a bitter smile on her face, "Or hand me over to the Black Wolf?"

Eric frowned, not knowing how to answer Molly's questions. It was highly probable that Brian would do any of those things to Molly if he thought she was in his way. There was not a time in his life when he had lessened his ingrained coldness in front of any woman, except for the one he loved. And because of his cold heart, no woman dared to get close to him without his permission. Since he had forgotten everything about Molly, she was just one of those ordinary women now. He would not show her any mercy if she were to become a hindrance in his life.

"Uncle Eric," Mark called him in a low voice, "Will Papa Brian leave Mommy and me?" His childish voice was filled with sadness and he sobbed. He was happy when he was told that his Papa Brian had finally woken up from the coma. He had gone to see him with so much excitement. But his visit had only made Papa Brian feel detested. He had looked at him with a disgusted expression, refusing to recognize him as his son. After hearing the whole story from his grandmother, though Papa Brian had accepted the fact that he wa

d looks on their faces, but they didn't move a muscle. The kitchen was a complete mess. Things went flying to the floor from all directions. Sometimes it was a plate, sometimes it was a coffee cup. Scattered on the floor were china fragments of various colors. The place was shrouded in an oppressive air.

There was another loud clank and the girls at the door jumped in fear.

A teacup landed on the floor, breaking into pieces. Spark had no idea how many cups and plates he had smashed in the last few minutes. He suddenly stopped moving and sank into total silence, his right hand trembling. In his left hand was the creamer with which he had intended to prepare a latte art.

The brownish-black coffee had splashed across the floor to form a sad abstract painting. Spark gave out a mocking laugh. He squinted to dispel the mist in his eyes, and his eyes darkened in a daze of melancholy.


called Spark. Manny gazed at Spark and replied, "Yes?"

Silence filled the air. Everybody heard what Spark said next. In a quiet voice, he said, "Please announce this news for me," he paused and folded his palms in an attempt to fasten them into fists. But he failed. All he could do was stretch his fingers and then bend them lightly with all his strength. He continued in utter dismay, "I'm quitting my career as a violinist. My time is over now. I have no talent left in me."

"Spark?" uttered Manny, his mouth agape in disbelief. His eyes were slowly turning misty. He had never thought that he'd actually hear Spark say that.

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