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   Chapter 718 Brian Suffered From A Memory Loss (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9906

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Molly began crying again, feeling empty inside. In her mind, the word 'divorce' kept popping up. Even though that's what she said she's always wanted for a long time, now that it was really here, she realized she really didn't want it.

Meanwhile, Richie and Eric stood in the corridor just looking at the mess and Molly who was crying. Both of their faces were unreadable.

"Brian's going too far," Eric mumbled angrily, clenching his teeth. He ran after Brian wanting to know what the hell he was doing.

"Molly, you should stop crying because your eyes... Well, won't it hurt your eyes?" Shirley was so worried because Molly had been crying too much these past few days that it might damage her eyes again. And when Brian finally recovered, she didn't want Brian to find that her wife had gone blind again.

Molly couldn't hear anything at the moment. From dropping tears in silence to sobbing, choking, and then... Suddenly, she felt dizzy so she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and found that she was still dizzy—her world had seemingly turned upside down in front of her own eyes. Then suddenly, everything went dark and she fell in a heap.

Shirley dismally looked at Molly who was lying on the bed. "Richie," she said as she turned around to look at Richie who was sitting on the sofa and asked, a bit peeved, "Can you be honest to me right now? Did Brian really get amnesia?"

"What do you think?" Richie said, throwing back her question to her.

"Of course not! What are you talking about?" Shirley said angrily with gritted teeth. "He loves Molly. I refuse to believe that he would forget her just like that," she said, getting angrier by the second.

"Well, you also didn't recognize me before..." Richie said slowly.

Shirley rolled her eyes and said, "Richie, we're talking about Brian and Molly now. Can you stop bringing up the past? This isn't the time or place for that!"

Richie grinned at her, got up, and pulled her over to his side. He glanced at Molly and said, "Well, we can't know for sure."

Shirley looked at Richie doubtfully. She didn't understand what he was talking about.

"Shirley," Richie looked at her and said, "Whether or not Brian really did get amnesia, I really don't think they should be together anymore."

"What do you mean?" Shirley was stunned. She was so anxious to hear what Richie was going to say that her heart was beating so rapidly.

Richie's eyes were dimmed as he spoke gently, sighing, "What happened to Wing and Brian getting amnesia now should be enough reason for them to get a divorce! If they stay together, sooner or later, something like this is going to happen again."

Shirley's heart sank when Richie mentioned Wing, "But I just want them to be happy." 'Even if the whole incident with Wing didn't happen now, something similar would've still happened sooner or later. We're all very aware of the situation. And because we all know that, we cher

carried the box that held her father's ashes and he was there.

After Edgar left, Jennifer glanced at the photo he left her. The photo was of him wearing a military uniform and being awarded the rank of Major General.

Jennifer laughed as tears came streaming down her face. She sneered as she stared at the photo, "Edgar, fine, you've done what you came to do. You're the youngest Major General in the military region and your future looks very bright but so what? You'll live your whole life in guilt. You say you love Molly but you made a shady deal with my grandfather and gave her up. You're taking advantage of her. You are where you are now by stepping on so many people and that's who you are now. Ha-ha!" Jennifer scowled.

Then, the picture fell to the ground and so did Jennifer in her own pool of blood, her eyes wide open.

Gradually, her pupils turned black.

At the Smile Hotel of A City, Brian hadn't returned to the hospital since he left the other day. He stayed at the hotel because the villa was ruined by Hannah and it's not like he had any other choice.

He was in a coma for four months so he was busy catching up with everything that had happened.

"Molly," Eric said as he watched Molly squatting in front of Brian's room and Mark standing by her side, "Do you just want to wait here?" He spoke in a disapproving voice. After all, Brian really did have a lot of catching up to do so his schedule was loaded and Eric was sure that he wouldn't come back. And it wasn't very agreeable of him to just leave Mark and Molly hanging dry like this.

Molly looked at Eric, bit her lower lip and said, "I'm going to wait for him and have a proper talk with him. I don't want a divorce. No matter what happens!" She was gripping so tightly on the divorce papers in her hand—she clenched her teeth to keep herself from crying. "It's fine, I can accept the fact that he couldn't remember me. But what about Mark?

How could he not remember Mark?"

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