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   Chapter 717 Brian Suffered From A Memory Loss (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7619

Updated: 2019-05-24 03:12

We're all separated by a thin sheet of glass in which we can see each other clearly but it's made so

that we can never touch one another. His voice sound so calm and collected. His face though was pallid and he was looking at Molly disdainfully.

Molly just froze as tears fell down from her eyes. She was just staring at him—her heart aching and twisting.

Richie frowned and something seemed to flicker in his eyes.

Shirley just looked at Brian as if she was trying to read his face, as if she was trying to figure out what Brian was hiding if there was. Unfortunately, ever since Brian took over XK, she hadn't been able to read his face because he had become so good at remaining stoic.

"Brian?" Eric asked, shocked. He looked at Brian, frowning. Then he walked towards Brian eyeing him from head to toe, "Do you know who I am?"

Brian glanced at him wordlessly. He took off the clip from his finger that connected him to the ECG monitor, flung it aside, sat up, and looked around before finally resting his eyes on Eric, "Eric, What am I doing here?"

No one answered him—they all just looked at him doubtfully. Soon, their doubt turned to shock then confusion.

"Bri..." Molly called his name gently and looked at Brian through her tear-brimmed eyes. She had come up with so many scenarios of what would happen when he finally woke up but she never imagined it to be like this—him not even recognizing her, "I'm Molly! I'm your Molly! I'm your Mol!"

"Molly..." Brian narrowed his eyes as if trying to search her name in his memory. Then he looked at Molly indifferently and asked slowly, "Am I supposed to know you?"

"Doctor," Shirley said directing it to the doctor with them, "What happened to Brian?"

"Mrs. Shirley, let me examine him first." The doctor was the calmest one out of everyone in the room. He walked towards Brian and pulled out his stethoscope. "He seems fine now but I'll send someone else later for a more detailed examination," he said. As he spoke, he ordered some medical staff to assist Brian into the examination room.

They all followed suit—all worried and watching doubtfully at the doctor who examined Brian.

The doctor turned to them and said, "Brian may have amnesia caused by the car accident. And we don't know ye

t. Shirley, you know much I hate women who cry." His voice was cold and detached, "If she really is my wife then she's going to receive the divorce agreement very soon."


Just then a loud bang interrupted them.

Shirley stopped as the loud thud came from outside. She just looked at the door which was slightly ajar. She hurriedly opened the door farther and saw Molly standing and porcelain and porridge all over the floor.

"Molly," She said, concerned.

Molly didn't move as she looked at Brian who was inside. Her eyes were misty and bloodshot.

Brian glared at Molly—there was a hint of disgust in her eyes, "Shirley, I have some business to deal with now." As he spoke, he walked over Shirley, and unintentionally hit Molly, who stepped backward looking aghast.

"Brian!" Shirley yelled. Brian was already walking towards the elevator and didn't even so much as glance back.

When the elevator door opened, Brian briefly glanced at Molly who was standing near the ward door. He nonchalantly shoved his hands in his pockets and walked inside. His face was emotionless.

Molly shut her eyes close as tears came running down her cheeks to her mouth. She could taste her bitter tears. Her heart was aching and twisting in pain and his coldness was like a sharp knife repeatedly stabbing her into pieces.

"Molly," Shirley spoke gravely, "It's okay. This is just temporary, okay? He'll recover soon. He loves you, I know it. He loves you more than his life. How could he forget about you?"

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