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   Chapter 716 Waiting For Him To Wake Up (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-05-24 00:33

"Mommy..." a soft voice called and little hands wrapped around Molly, "Papa Brian will wake up soon. He won't leave Mommy and Mark."

Molly turned around to find that the ward was half crowded. There was Shirley, who had been with her every day, waiting for Brian to wake up. Right beside her was Richie, whom she hadn't seen in a long time, and Eric was standing near the door. He had been staying in A city for the past few days.

"Dad...Mom..." she greeted them. "Eric..." Molly nodded at him too. She swallowed her sadness and wore a smile on her lips. Then she bent down to carry Mark in her arms and asked him, "Did you have a good time at school today?"

"Yeah!" Mark answered enthusiastically as he hugged her neck. "I won the first place in the test today."

"Wow, good job!" Molly held his little cheek between her fingers softly.

"Little Molly, why don't you go and get something to eat?" Shirley said and walked towards her. She took Mark from her hands and said, "You should take better care of yourself. Otherwise you will be bedridden by the time Brian wakes up. Look at you. You have lost so much weight."

Molly had no appetite, but she didn't want anybody else to worry about her. Turning to take a look at Brian, who didn't show any sign of waking up soon, she nodded and walked out of the ward with Eric's company.

Eric watched her as she poked the food in the service plate with her chopsticks without actually eating anything. He frowned and said, "You should take care of yourself, at least for Brian's sake."

Molly raised her head to look at Eric. With a gloomy face, she said, "Eric, I'm afraid..."

"He will wake up," Eric said firmly. "This is Brian Long we're talking about."

Seeing the unyielding look in Eric's eyes, Molly stopped moving completely. Then with a faint smile on her lips, she said, "Yeah! He's Brian Long, the one who can control everything and everyone! Nothing can beat him."

Eric nodded and pushed the service plate towards her, "Exactly. Now eat something!"

Molly nodded and began eating. Despite her poor appetite, she tried to put about one third of the food into her mouth. She had to look after Brian and wait for him to wake up. She couldn't afford to fall sick at a crucial t

she was branded in his heart. He would never forget her.

Outside the window, a gust of cold wind blew the snow off the leaves and the tree branches. In the orange light of the street lamps, the snow danced freely and finally joined the thick snow on the ground.


A disturbing sound came from the heart rate monitor. Molly bounced awake all of a sudden. She immediately pressed the call button at the head of the bed reflectively, without even looking at Brian. The doctors and nurses arrived at the ward in no time, followed by Richie and Shirley, who was staying next door. Eric rushed in too. The ward was crowded instantly.

Before any of them could say a word, Molly cried out and hugged Brian with all her remaining strength. She was crying out loud, lying on his chest.

"Bri...Bri..." Molly called his name between sobs. She had waited for more than three months for this moment.

Brian's face looked thinner, but indifferent as always, devoid of any expression. He stared at Molly and said coldly, "Could you release me now?"

Hearing his cold words, everybody in the ward looked at one another in confusion. Molly was so stunned that she even forgot to cry. She raised her body slowly and looked at Brian with her teary eyes. She looked confused.

After taking a cold glance at Molly, Brian looked at the other people in the ward. "Richie, Shirley... Why are you here? What happened to me?" he glanced at Molly. "And by the way, who's this woman?"


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