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   Chapter 715 Waiting For Him To Wake Up (Part Two)

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Shirley just nodded. Love was such a mysterious thing. It had the power to divide people, and sometimes, it brought even enemies together. Shirley didn't know what Eric's love had taught him. Was he any wiser now? He probably did understand what his elders had been telling all this while. Maybe, he just had to find the answers himself. And now, it looked like he had managed to finally find it.

"Where is Richie?" Eric asked.

"I guess he will be coming back soon," said Shirley in an unsure tone. One month had passed since he had left A City. During this period, tremendous changes had taken place in the State Parliament. The conservative faction and the reformist faction were fighting even more fiercely than they had five years ago. Although Shirley hadn't asked Richie about it, she knew that the drastic changes were his masterwork.

Eric didn't say anything.

During his international trips, he had kept close attention to everything that had been happening domestically. The session of the State Parliament had come to an end ten days ago. To the surprise of all political experts in the world, the most promising party had lost.

What most deserved to be mentioned was the collapse of Jonny Zeng, the former Vice President of the military. He was taken to the military court because of a case that involved military secrets which had happened many years ago. As a result, his son, an Army Commander had to accept an investigation too. Jonny Zeng's case also involved Jenifer, who was now working as the Deputy Mayor of A City. It was clear that the Zeng Family no longer had any influence in the military region. The only member of the Zeng Family who hadn't been involved was Howard, who was in a special troop of the army.

This tremendous change resulted in a huge impact on the whole State Parliament. The sudden collapse of one party had taken everybody by surprise. Without the check and balance between the parties, ther

eared from his sight.

He had meant to visit Molly secretly before he left, but he couldn't approach the VIP ward of the private Dragon Empire Group hospital. He couldn't do much about it, so he gave up.

Later, when everything settled down and Molly went back to their old house, she found a letter left there by Steven, who was now proclaimed missing. He was not found until later, when someone found his body in the jungle behind the mountain where his military camp had been located, the place where he had been together with his comrades in arms. It was identified as a suicide.


The first snow in A City arrived as expected. Molly stood in front of the window, looking outside at the snowy sky. The snowflakes danced and fell like little spirits that had lost their souls. Seeing that made her feel more depressed. She turned away from the window and looked at the man she loved with all her heart. He lay motionless on his bed, without a care in the world.

'Bri, I beg you. I beg you, please wake up. I'll do anything you say, as long as you wake up, ' she thought.

Tears were ready to gush out of her red eyes, and she closed her mouth with her hands to keep her voice from coming out. She pressed her lips shut and looked up slightly to prevent her tears from spilling out.

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