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   Chapter 714 Waiting For Him To Wake Up (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7024

Updated: 2019-05-24 00:02

Every person's love is different, just like the hyacinth flower... one is red, one is purple, one is dark blue.


Molly sat beside Brian's hospital bed and gently massaged his hands and legs. She knew how to massage his body like a professional now, since she had been following this routine for three months. As she massaged his muscles which had become rigid because of his comatose state, she looked at his calm face and said, "Bri, you have slept through autumn and winter is already here. When are you planning to wake up?"

Grief flashed in her eyes, but was soon replaced by courage. Molly tried hard to be strong-willed for him. With a faint smile on her lips, she continued, "The winter is really chilly this time in A City, just like the one five years ago. It has been cloudy outside for the past few days. I guess, it would start snowing soon enough. Do you remember the first time we met on that snowy day?" Her hands stopped moving. The scene of her walking barefoot in the snow in her nightgown was still vivid in her mind. "I was pretty embarrassed at that time, but what is more important is that you have come into my life since that day. Brian..." she looked at him. Anyone would have thought he was just asleep. He looked so serene. Her shoulders drooped slowly, "How about waking up now? When it snows, we can go and build snowmen. This time, let's build three of them. One for you, one for me, and one for Mark. Sounds good, right?"

Her question went unanswered. In the quiet ward, besides the sound of their light breathing, the only other sound was that of the instruments beeping, which proved that Brian was still alive.

Molly's eyes sank. She sighed and went on with massaging his muscles. She talked to him once in a while when she remembered some incident which had happened between them. There were no more doubts in her mind, no more pain. All of those painful memories had been replaced by happiness and Brian's hidden love for her. His love was undeniable because he had been willing to sacrifice his life for her. If that was not proof of his undying love, th

land the day before yesterday. You haven't seen them in a couple of months, right?" she asked.

Eric nodded and said, "After his retirement, Frank went to Moonlight Island with Smile for a new development program there." Looking at Shirley, he smiled and added, "That island is important for all of you."

"Yeah..." Shirley answered as her mind went back to those times. She could hardly comprehend how she had gone through all those difficulties at that time. She had concentrated only on moving forward without thinking about anything else. She had persevered and now, here she was. Sometimes, when she saw how Brian and Molly behaved with each other, she would recall her early years with Richie. At that time, they had experienced a lot of difficulties too. She couldn't even begin to tell how hard it had been to overcome those difficulties one by one. The love she had for Richie had given her the strength to deal with all kinds of problems that had come her way. She hoped that Molly could be that strong for Brian as well.

"How long will you be staying here?" Shirley asked, coming back to the present.

"I'm not sure," Eric said in a low voice. "I just hope that Brian will be awake to send me off." There were a lot of things that he had to deal with in Dragon Island, but Frank knew that he had to come here before going back to the island, or he wouldn't concentrate on his job.

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