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   Chapter 712 Loving Her With His Life (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6815

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Mark looked at Shirley. Although reluctant to leave, he nodded. He kept looking back at his grandparents and the operating rooms as he walked with Antonio to the elevator.

The surgeries were still ongoing. Richie and Shirley were waiting in the hallway, pacing back and forth anxiously. Antonio came back to the hallway once Mark had fallen asleep. When he saw Antonio, Richie turned around and walked to the elevator and Antonio followed silently.

It was late summer and the wind was a little cold already. Richie stood on the hospital terrace, his hair stirring in the light breeze.

"Young Master, the situation has taken a complicated turn," Antonio reported.

"The members of the State Parliament are still stirring things up," came Richie's voice, as cold as icicles. "They don't care about the development and safety of their country. They are nothing but a bunch of petty, cunning weasels who would do anything to stay in power and to get more of it."

"About Mr. Brian Long's accident..." Antonio said hesitantly.

"They are going to pay." Richie's tone was ruthless.

Antonio stared at Richie's back in surprise. He hadn't heard Richie speak in that terrifying tone ever since he had left Dragon Island with Shirley and had taken over the XK Intelligence Agency. It had been many years. He gulped. "It's uncertain whether the State Parliament had a hand in today's accident. If it did, will it affect Dragon Island?" Antonio asked.

"The State Parliament was definitely a part of today's accident. Brian has been carrying out his plan perfectly. However, this whole thing with the State Parliament needs to be settled soon. This is a ticking bomb, which needs to be neutralized at any cost," Richie said.

"Yes, Mr. Long," Antonio answered with a nod.

Looking up at the starry sky, Richie went on, "The re-election is about to begin."

This time Antonio didn't respond, but looked at Richie silently. He knew what he meant. Dragon Island was at a crucial geographical location, so members of the State Par

pierced through the clouds and reached the earth. But inside the hospital, everything was dark and gloomy.

The doctors and nurses had been extremely busy for two days in a row, and each and every one of them had a grave and haggard look on their faces. They had worked non-stop on the important patients who had come up in the hospital one after the other.

Spark had come around from the coma. The sinews of his left hand had been damaged so severely that he wouldn't be able to exert much strength with his left hand even after the sinews were connected. What was more, the nerves controlling the fingers had become insensitive, which meant that violin would not be a part of his life anymore.

As a tough man who had gone through heavy gunfire, Vincent survived his wounds.

Wing was out of danger too, thanks to the timely blood transfusion. But the excessive loss of blood had caused an abnormal heart rate. After another diagnosis, the doctors concluded that the loss of blood had led to brain hypoxia and as a result, Wing had been subjected to a vegetative state.

The news hit Weston like thunder. Unexpectedly, Shirley, whose son and daughter were both in a coma, had become stronger than anyone else. She and Richie decided to send their daughter abroad for further treatment. She believed that Wing would beat all odds and wake up soon.

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