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   Chapter 711 Loving Her With His Life (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6612

Updated: 2019-05-23 01:12

Don't start reminiscing about the beauty of the past until it is too late to think about the future. Cherish every second you spend with your loved one, even if there might be unhappy moments in your life. This way, you won't have to live your life in regrets and grief.

There was a loud crash on the busy road. On impact, the cream air bags inflated with a bang and were stained with blood immediately.

Shocked by the sudden accident, the street fell instantly into chaos. The pedestrians and the vehicles in the road stopped moving and looked towards the crashed car. The ones who were nearby, soon crowded around the scene and started discussing the cause of the accident without bothering to check for survivors.

The truck driver was still in shock as he sat motionless in his truck, making no movements, nor trying to escape. One of the passers-by was one step ahead of the curious bystanders and bravely dived into the accident scene. He quickly walked to the wrecked car and knocked on the rolled up window. He cupped his hands on the window and pressed his face against the glass to see what was going on inside the car. He shouted desperately, "Are you okay? Can you hear me?"

Through the window, the man outside could only vaguely see Molly. Her face was buried in the bloody air bag, making it difficult to figure out where the blood was flowing from. She was not moving at all. Brian was covered in blood all over.

"Miss...Miss..." The person slammed hard on the window as he shouted, but there was no response from inside the car. No sound or movement. The man frowned anxiously. He stopped shouting and called the ambulance.

The ambulance arrived soon after, followed by a police car, their sirens wailing through the silent night. The paramedics railed in the scene from the crowded onlookers. The firefighters arrived at the scene too, just in case.

As the paramedics were trying to rescue Molly and Brian from the car, a policeman questioned the

rms and looked at Antonio and then at Mark. Taking the hint, Antonio crouched down in front of the little boy and said, "Mark, how about I take you elsewhere so that you can get some rest?"

"No! I won't go. I want to wait here till Mommy and Papa Brian wake up," Mark said in a muffled voice. Tears filled his eyes. But he tried his best to hold them back. "I'm a good boy. I won't cry."

Mark's words reminded Antonio of how sweet Wing had been that summer in T City. It tugged at his heartstrings. And it pained him enormously to see the family hurt so. He looked at Mark's determined eyes and asked, "But you don't want Papa Brian and Mommy to worry about you, right?"

The long flight had been exhausting enough for Mark. The waiting would be too much distress for his heart to handle, which would ultimately worsen his condition.

Mark raised his head to look at Antonio with his lips pressed tightly. Shirley gathered strength for the little boy's sake and walked towards him. She squatted and pulled him into her arms, trying to be strong for both of them. "Mark, do you remember what the doctor had said? And you had promised Mommy that you would get better, right? So go with Antonio now, for your Mommy. Go get some rest, all right? Grandpa and Grandma are here. Papa Brian and Mommy will be fine."

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