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   Chapter 710 The Life-or-death Moment (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6604

Updated: 2019-05-23 00:12

Fly sneered, "You look extremely painful now. But that's not enough!" She took a plate from a man, grabbed a handful of salt in it and pressed her hand against Brian's wounds.

"Ow!" With knitted eyebrows, Brian couldn't help letting out a moan of pain. Immediately, he started to sweat profusely.

"No!!! Fly, please! I beg you! Let him go!" Molly shouted so loudly that her voice became hoarse. She looked at Brian's sweating forehead, and her heart wrenched bitterly.

Fly observed Molly's despairing look, and she felt satisfied. "Oh, I really miss this feeling of sprinkling salt on the wounds,"

Brian gritted his teeth tightly, and the look in his eyes was extremely cold. Just at that moment, a bang suddenly came from the other end of the monitor. A figure then suddenly slipped into the room where Molly was and quickly knocked out the two men there before they could react.

Fly asked with astonishment, "Who is that?"

She had spied on everyone around Brian, and she could be sure that none of them had come along with Brian.

Brian was also stunned by the sudden change, but he quickly recollected himself. He turned his right hand and a tiny object like a needle appeared between his fingers. With a slight motion of his fingers, the rope tying his body up was cut off.

It all happened in a blink. When the men around him and Fly noticed his motions, Brian already got loose and stood up from the floor. Once he was free to move, nobody there was able to defeat him. Fly was well aware of that fact.

"You had your chance," Brian said with a serene gaze, yet his voice heard icy cold.

However, Fly was not in the least terrified. She said flatly, "I have already experienced the worst tragedy when I was still young." She gave out a faint smile as a hint of disappointment flashed quickly in her eyes.

All the men rushed towards Brian after Fly gave them a sign. However, they were no match for Brian even though he was badly injured.


er last words to Brian. She wanted to tell him that she had fallen in love with him after he protected her for the first time, even though he always seemed so unapproachable and aloof to her. Even though she wanted to leave him and live a quiet life after getting tired of all of these, even though she hated him for many reasons, she couldn't deny that she still loved him.

She moved her lips with all her strength, yet she was too weak to utter a word. Molly was overwhelmed with remorse. She felt regretful that she didn't face the reality bravely when she could, and that her cowardice had caused things to be like this.

Her consciousness gradually went blank, and her eyes closed slowly.

"Molly, if you dare to shut your eyes now, I will never forgive you for the rest of my life!" Brian snapped angrily.

Upon hearing his words, Molly tried to keep her eyes half-lidded. She was more afraid of the fact that Brian would never forgive her than death.

A honk came from their front.

Out of the blue, a truck was coming towards them at its full speed as Brian checked Molly's condition worriedly. Molly stared with eyes wide open in horror, while Brian turned the wheels sharply without a second thought.

With a loud bang, the truck knocked heavily on the side near the driver's seat of the car.

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