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   Chapter 709 The Life-or-death Moment (Part Four)

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His motion was quick and smooth. After scarcely two minutes, the four men all lay down on the ground.

Brian paid a cold glance at the men groaning on the ground. A hint of indifference flashed through his eyes, and he strode into the warehouse.

The masked woman sat on a chair at the center of the warehouse. A dozen of men stood solemnly around her like pillars.

"Mr. Brian Long, you're worthy of your name," the woman slowly said, "I'm sorry that my men out there didn't greet you politely."

Brian stood still with his hands in his pockets. Although he was one facing a dozen, the aloof arrogance in his face didn't change. He stared at the masked woman, and his eyes gradually deepened as he asked, "Where's Molly?"

"You want to see her?" The woman grinned briefly before she turned her eyes to a man standing next to her. The man nodded and turned on the screen of a monitor at a side.

Brian glanced coldly at the screen. Molly looked like something the cat dragged in, her whole body covered in blood that Brian couldn't even see where the wounds were or how badly she was injured.

She bowed her head wearily, her face stained with blood and tears. A man standing aside was holding a knife in his hand and would create new wounds at any time.

Brian's eyes were filled with outrageous fury. He looked towards the woman and said, "You took the tracker out of her!"

"Bingo!" the woman replied with a smile, "But it's too late now. If you dare to take one step out of this warehouse, my man will kill her at once! Brian, you have no chance of winning at all."

Brian narrowed his eyes in exasperation. He asked in a cold voice, "What do you want?"

"I want nothing," the woman showed no intention of negotiating, "I want nothing except for seeing her struggling in despair. I feel great when I see her suffering and being tortured."

Brian's eyes darkened.

"Bri! Leave now! Leave me alone! Go now!" Molly's hysterical voice came from the monitor as she cried heavily. She didn't want to confirm anything now and only wished for his safety.

Brian listened to her painful cries and felt his heart wrenching. Withdrawing his eyes from the screen, he fixed his furious eyes at the woman and spat, "Fly, you take revenge on Molly for the old grudges of the last generation. Don't you think that I should take revenge on you in exchange?"

Upon hearing his words, Molly raised her head in shock. She couldn't imagine

owing in her eyes. She thought to herself, 'This is all my fault!'

"Fly, let her go now, and I won't blame it on you," Brian said in a quiet voice as if he didn't understand who was the one in danger, although great fury was smouldering in his eyes.

Fly replied with a cold sneer, "Even though I would die because of it, I must let her live the rest of her life in agony."

With that, she pulled a katana from its sheath holding by a man. As Molly was screaming with horror, she slashed at Brian's chest with the blade. Blood spilled out over the edge of the blade. Hearing Molly's hysterical cries, Fly burst into crazy laughters.

"Fly! Stop! Stop now!"

Fly only paid Molly a casual glance. Seeing the sweat on Brian's forehead, she raised up her hand and left another slash.

"No!" Molly cried out crazily. She looked at Brian's collar which was quickly stained red with blood, and she was pained by misery.

The corner of Brian's mouth twitched slightly, but he tried to keep calm, "Fly, let her go."

"Gee, what a great thing love is!" Fly clicked her tongue mockingly, "I know you still have the ability to fight, but for her sake, you don't resist a bit even under attack." She turned back to look at the monitor, "Molly, did you see that? This is your husband, a man who loves you so deeply that he won't hesitate to sacrifice his own life for you. Does your heart ache now?"

"Fly, let him go, let him go now! You can deal with me as you like!" Molly shouted in despair. Tears blurred her vision and stung the wounds in her face, yet she only cared about Brian who was bleeding heavily at that moment.

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