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   Chapter 708 The Life-or-death Moment (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8289

Updated: 2019-05-22 12:02

Her striking rebuke reflected her distress and pain which developed for decades, "Do you know what a catamite is? I became a plaything for those men when I was less than ten-years-old." The woman gritted her teeth tightly. Her eyes filled with the anguish which most people would never experience in their lives. "Those psychopathic beasts dripped wax on my body and stabbed needles at my pubescent breasts. What's worse, they sewed up my private part with thread..."

"How could they do that?" Molly forgot about crying, taken aback by her words and the torture this woman faced. She slightly opened her mouth and stared at the woman, "How could they be so cruel?" Tears of pity welled down from Molly's face. She couldn't imagine things like that let alone face it.

"Heh," the woman stared blankly forward with red eyes, deep in her thoughts, "You can't even imagine that, right? I tried to please them and endure everything they did just to survive. But still, my starved brother died in my arms, his eyes eagerly looking at me with hopes for some water and food..."

Snapping out from her trance, she turned her eyes upon Molly with a mocking smile, "Actually, I also kept thinking about why I was born to suffer from all of these. Finally, I drew a conclusion. Molly, it was all your father's fault!" Immediately, her eyes were filled with cruelty, "In revenge, I must torture you and let you experience my pain and ordeal! I really hope that Mark would have died when he was suffering from overdosage of Vitamin C. Regrettably, his father is Brian, that mysterious and powerful man." There was disappointment in her tone. She had much difficulty in confirming Brian's real identity, because she failed to follow the clues after Richie took Mark away.

Molly's heart wrenched when she heard the woman referring to Mark. All along she had thought that Brian didn't allow Mark to stay with her in order to restrict her motions, but now she understood that it was for Mark's safety.

She observed the complex emotions in the woman's eyes which were mixed with pleasure, sadness and resentment, and she calmed down a bit. She asked, "Who on earth are you?" Molly felt something wrong. This woman was too clear of the matters around her.

The masked woman seemed to read her mind, and she ignored Molly's question and returned to her topic, "After my brother passed away, I returned to those savage beasts and pretended to be obedient. You know what? They had a special tas

tionship has already come to an end!"

But the woman only laughed and stared at her with disdainful eyes, "Molly, enjoy my game for you after a while." With that, she turned around and was about to leave the room.

"Who the hell are you?" Molly shouted at her back, "You can kill me now. Please don't hurt those who are innocent. I beg you!"

The woman stopped in her tracks. She stared forward and slowly said, "Nobody is innocent in this world."

After that, she ignored Molly's next words and left the room. After a while, two men came into the room. They turned on a monitor on a desk and moved it in front of Molly...


Brian's car stopped at the No.3 Warehouse. Glancing at the building in the dark, he switched the engine off and got out. He slowly swept his sharp gaze around, and then stepped towards the gates.

Everything was dead silent in the dim rays of the night lights.

With a sudden bang, the huge iron gates of the warehouse suddenly opened from inside. Brian stopped in his tracks and his eyes closed slightly because of a ray of light coming from inside. In a blink, four muscular men appeared between the gates.

Brian stood still and observed them, with no emotions on his stone-cold face. His eyes glittered in the dark night like two diamonds, and a coolly calculating glint flowed inside them.

After exchanging their glances, the four men rushed towards Brian together. Brian's tall body froze there, and he didn't move until the men were only one step away from him. With a powerful strike, his slender left leg kicked down the man who approached him first. He then swept his leg and trod down another...

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