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   Chapter 707 The Life-or-death Moment (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7669

Updated: 2019-05-22 11:41

"Stop now," Molly's eyes grew red as she welled up, overwhelmed, "why should I believe you? It's very likely that it's all just nonsense. And even though your words are true, how could you have the means of knowing about all of this?"

There was a hint of anguish in her voice. She couldn't help but ponder over all the revelations the woman made, and as she did so, the doubts in her mind which she had refused to figure out now flooded into her brain all of a sudden like a realization. She felt a sharp pain in her brain as though it was about to split from inside.

The masked woman suddenly caught Molly by her jaw and forced her to meet her eyes. With a sneering cold voice, she said, "You seem to be in extreme pain now, aren't you?" Pushing Molly's face away, she added, "But Molly, your misunderstandings about Brian are far greater than these matters!"

She leaned back against her chair and enjoyed the painful look on Molly's face, "Mark's overdosage of Vitamin C wasn't caused by Becky. It actually doesn't matter now who actually did it. Brian said he believed in Becky because he knew that the real culprit was someone else. Molly, you should feel disappointed with him only if he blamed it on Becky as you did at that time, because in this way, the real culprit would have been at large now."

Molly panted heavily. She pressed her lips tightly, and she already forgot about the pain from her freshly inflicted wounds.

"Brian sent Mark away from the city because he wanted to protect him. Mark is different to you. He is one of the Long family's next generation. From birth, he is endowed with the qualification for being a candidate for Dragon Island's governor. If the opposition factions against the Long family wanted to overturn Eric's reign, one essential move would be to kill Mark." The woman's voice said leisurely as she explained every detail to Molly. Satisfaction and sadistic pleasure flashed in her eyes as she saw Molly's mournful and hurt face.

"There's still more that I can take as an example," the masked woman shook her head as if to feel sorry, "Brian has done a lot more things for your sake that I cannot even start to cover. However, no matter how hard he tried to protect you, you still failed to understand his heart and kind loving intention

ided. They happened merely because of your extra-smart moves, your cowardice in the face of danger, and even your so-called love towards Brian!"

"No!!!" Molly cried, "You bitch! How could you hurt so many people just to avenge your father? You could have hurt me and killed me. Why did you have to involve others in this sickening ploy of yours? Don't you know that Spark was born to be a violinist and his arms couldn't be hurt? Don't you know that Wing is suffering from blood poisoning and she couldn't sustain an injury?"

A surge of pity flashed in the woman's eyes, but she quickly recovered with a rather indifferent look. "Oh really? That would be great because you would feel more painful," the woman said, her lips curling into a cruel smile.

"Why did you have to continue to hold past grudges of the last generation? I didn't even know that Justin is my father and that I was born into such hatred. I'm innocent of your charge and your pain. I didn't inflict those wounds," Molly cried, "Even though you carry such hate for me, you could have just taken revenge on me. Why did you have to involve so many innocent people? Why?"

"You asked me why?" the woman rebutted sharply, "You said that you and they are innocent, but what about me? What about my father? He devoted his life to his motherland, but finally, he died in a war against another country with nothing but regrets. And what about my mother? She died because of your father's greed! And what about my younger brother? And me? We were orphaned."

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