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   Chapter 705 Molly Finds Out About Everything (Part Two)

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He placed one of his hands on the glass as a gesture of longing as if he longed to stroke Wing's face. On his face was a sad smile and his eyes were red and wet, "Wing, you've always been strong. No matter what happens—you're still as strong as you were when you were young. If you survived that, you can survive anything. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for being strong. Thank you for always staying with me."

Brian just stood quietly at the door looking at Wing through the glass window. Wing was lying on the bed with all kinds of tubes inserted all over her body. Then he turned to look at Weston.

After a while, he just walked away without another word.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, Richie and Shirley had just heard about what happened. Shirley almost passed out.

"Wing's going to be fine," Richie comforted her, "Brian and Weston are there and they won't let anything happen to Wing."

Shirley burst into tears. "I... I'm going back to see Wing. I'm going now!"

"Okay, I have arranged a plane," Richie offered.

Shirley looked at Richie through her tear-brimmed eyes and just nodded. She was too anxious to even speak.

"Will you take Mark back with you?" Richie asked insightfully. Shirley was taken aback because she hadn't even considered it. If he didn't bring it up, it might have caused more problems—she would have more things to worry about.

Shirley looked back at Richie in gratitude, "Yes, yes, we're taking Mark with us."

Richie looked very serious as he took Shirley into his arms. He looked at Antonio meaningfully. Antonio understood this right away. He nodded and left. He was to arrange everything so that Mark could go with them.

At the rooftop of the hospital, Brian sat on a chair looking sombre than ever. His eyes were darkened and his jaw was tensed up.

Tony stood behind Brian as they both stared at Vincent. 'How many lives can you Vincent have to lose? If other people did such a thing, Brian would kill him a thousand time. Even if you are confident about your ability and Brian appreciates it, you still needs to pick the right time to show it. How can you put both Mrs. Molly and Miss Wing in danger?' Tony thought to himself.

Vincent knelt in front of Brian, clenching his teeth as he admitted his faults, "I'll take full responsibility for what happened today. This is all my fault. I was too proud and careless. Mr. Brian, I'll take whatever punishment you give me. Whatever it is, I'll take it wholeheartedly. I deserve it!"

Brian was already furious with him and this only angered him even more. Without missing a beat, Brian jumped to his feet toppling over the chair he was just sitting on. Brian lifted his foot and kicked Vincent right in the chest. Then he pointed a finger to Vincent as he roared, "You stupid, stupid piece of

d her arm using the device until a beeping sound came.

He grinned, took out a dagger, and dug into Molly's skin despite her cries.

"Ahhh!" as a tiny, grain-sized silver thing was slitted out of her skin.

"Just follow the plan," the masked woman ordered as she threw a quick glance at the tracker.

The big hooded man nodded, put the tracker in a small box, and quickly left the room.

Molly was in deep pain now and beads of sweat were dripping down her face. She gasped, clenched her jaw, and asked weakly, "I... I didn't think we had a problem with one another but why are you doing this? Why?"

The masked woman glared at Molly's exposed bloody arm, laughing maniacally, "Really? Well, Molly, I have a problem with you." She slowly fondled Molly's cheek with the blood-stained dagger as she spoke, "Because of your father, I lost mine. And my mother? She died of depression due to my father dying. Because of your father, me and my younger brother became orphans. Because of your father, my younger brother starved to death because no one could find a cure for his cancer." The masked woman's voice quivered only now, "And did you know that to help paying for my brother's cancer, I had to be a child slave only to watch my brother die in the end!"

Molly just stared at the woman in front of her - seemingly have forgotten the stinging pain in her arm. Even as the dagger slightly teared across her skin, she didn't even notice it.

The masked woman smiled wickedly, "Don't look at me with those poor puppy-dog eyes. Because you're the one that should get more sympathy due to what had happened to you!" She looked down on the dagger still dancing around Molly's face as she continued, "I don't think you know who your real father is yet?" Shifting her gaze towards Molly, she resumed, "It's not Rory, of course, and definitely not Steven. It's Justin."

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