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   Chapter 704 Molly Finds Out About Everything (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8359

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Life is like a piano: the white keys represent happiness in life while the black keys represent sadness. But we still need both keys. A piano won't sound as beautiful without its black keys just as life won't be as beautiful without its downs.

Although Brian's always been calm and detached, now he couldn't conceal his emotions any longer. He was obviously upset and grieving. He was in such deep agony that he found it difficult to fully explain what he was really feeling.

"Bri..." Molly said, her voice quivering and tears running down her cheeks.

Brian turned avoiding her gaze, "I... I don't want to see you anymore!"

"No, I'm not leaving," Molly said faintly, "I want to see Wing safe so I'm not leaving."

"Get out now!" Brian roared. Then he sharply turned around and glared at Molly resentfully, "Wing doesn't need you. And you're free now, Molly. From this moment on, you're free now..." He trembled as he spoke, "Our relationship is over! Get out! Immediately!"

Molly staggered backward, and she felt she was about to fall down as her legs were so feeble. She had been trying to leave Brian, but now when it was speaking out of his mouth, she realized how ridiculous she was by deceiving herself before. It's only at this moment she then realized that she never wanted to leave him in her deep heart.

"Get out, get out!" Brian roared, getting angrier and angrier the longer Molly stayed. "Tony, get her out!" He commanded.

Tony looked at Molly who was crying. He sighed to himself as he came up to Molly and spoke in a gentle voice, "Mrs. Molly? Come on now."

"I'm not leaving!" Molly cried. Molly didn't know where she got her strength but somehow, she managed to push Tony away and grab onto Brian, pleading, "Bri, I just want to see with my own two eyes that Wing is safe. I'll leave as soon as I see her safe. Please, I just want to see her safe."

"This is none of your business. What happened to Wing is none of your business! " Brian could see Weston in his peripheral view. "Tony!" Brian called.

"Yes!" Tony said immediately. He didn't try to be gentle with Molly this time—he dragged her towards the elevator, tossed her inside, and pressed a button.

Molly's cries evaporated into thin air as the elevator door closed. Brian shut his eyes close then opened them after a few moments. He had tried his best to be calm and collected but he failed miserably.

"Until now," Weston said disdainfully, "you're still protecting her!"

Brian turned his gaz

ry moment of this

as if a plan had turned out perfectly well.

All the doctors did their best to stop Wing's bleeding, making sure to check their watch too every now and then. Everyone was sweating profusely now with no less than five minutes from their one-hour deadline.

Brian's lips had turned into a thin, straight line as he stared at the door of operating room in his bloodshot eyes. He couldn't do anything but wait anxiously to see if Wing could hold on longer or if the plasma would arrive in time.

The sound of running footsteps came.

Brian and Weston instinctively looked at the direction where the sound was coming from—they saw a figure coming out of the stairwell and carrying a medical box.

"Mr. Brian," Vincent gasped, "The rest of the plasma is on the way. I figured you'd need some right away so I made sure at least this box arrived here first."

Brian just stared at Vincent then motioned for a nurse to take the box.

Because of Vincent's foresight, the doctors finally had enough plasma to continue Wing's operation. And a moment later, the remaining plasma arrived via ambulance at the hospital. Finally, the doctors were able to treat Wing's wound. Even though she wasn't perfectly fine yet, at least she was now past the crucial period.

Weston bit his bottom lip as he watched Wing lying in the ICU completely pale and pallid due to the massive blood loss. Until now, he could feel his chest tightening and the difficulty of breathing that came along with it. Just then, outside the operating room, he wouldn't allow himself to succumb to the pain and worry he was feeling because he knew he had to be strong for Wing.

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