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   Chapter 703 You Really Disappoint Me (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8008

Updated: 2019-05-21 13:38

What Tony did not want to think further was that if Wing could not recover from this accident, none of them would be able to accept the reality that Wing was dead, including Mr. Long and his wife, Mr. Brian Long and Wing's husband. Especially, Wing's husband, who loved her so very dearly.

As Tony was lost in thoughts, the sound of rapid pace drew closer and closer, which indicated the man was in a hurry. Tony stopped thinking more and turned around. He saw Weston dash towards them. Before he could take a breath, he caught Brian's shoulders as soon as he arrived. He yelled in great anger, "How did that even happened? Answer me now!"

Brian did not get rid of Weston, who lost his mind due to the overburdening anger and concern. He just shifted his gaze slowly to meet Weston's eyes. His calm face could not hide the sorrow any more. He curled his face into a big pensive facial expression. But he did not say a word, just let Weston shake him incessantly.

"Say something! Tell me what happened!" Weston's eyes were glistening with tears reflecting his fear. He repeated again and again as he broke down in the cold and tense corridor of the hospital, "Wing cannot be injured, cannot be injured... How did that happen? Why did this happen to her?" He was on the verge of losing his mind.

The loud and hysterical cries haunted the empty and white hospital. The nurse at the nurse station wanted to politely remind him to be quiet for the other patients in the hospital. But since Weston had lost his mind, anyone who got involved might be facing his undue wrath. Therefore, no one had the courage to interrupt his indignation.

Finally, Brian opened his thin lips and said, "Weston..." His voice was peaceful and soft. But everyone in this space could sense that he was wrestling his mind to control his fear and worry. He bore a lot of pressure now. He continued, "I promise that Wing will be fine..." What he said was just a hollow promise, no one in the corridor believed this because they all knew the uncertainty and despair in his speech.

"If anything unexpected happens to Wing, I will never forgive you! You don't deserve it!" He collapsed as the strength he used for clenching Brian's shoulders subsided. He gritted his teeth hard so as to control his outrage and emotions. Only in this way could he let go of the urge to punch Brian. Finally, he left Brian and turned ar

n sighed deeply, "Molly, How can I fall in love with an idiot like you?" Brian did not know who to blame, himself or Molly.

Molly lifted her head slowly to meet Brian's gaze. She looked astonished and did not do anything in response to Brian.

"If I want to cut Spark's hands, even... kill him," Brian said as he gritted his teeth hard. "Do I need to make such great efforts? If I even want to kill a man in the broad daylight, or a hundred, I would just do it without a blink! Who would dare to lock me up in prison?" Brian said these with copious disappointment. "Even if I wanted to hurt Spark under the table... Do you think Little Cutie would have the opportunity to follow them? Did you lose your mind?"

The more he spoke, the closer he walked towards Molly, and the more she moved backward. She felt guilty as Brian pointed out all gaps and inconsistencies in this abnormal case. The immense burden of guilt killed her at the very moment. She just felt like that she was hit on her head by a huge stone. She was completely a mess and did not know what to say.

Because she could not defend herself. Brian continued to approach her as he said, "Molly..." He called her name slowly and softly as though nothing had happened. But the tears haunting on his eagle-like eyes betrayed his voice, showing his great sorrow and pity. He had never shown such emotion. But now, he was so worried about Wing. He was afraid that Wing might die at any moment. And the one who pushed Wing to such a situation was the woman he loved so much. "Do you know... You, Molly, really disappoint me!"


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