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   Chapter 701 You Really Disappoint Me (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7773

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Little Cutie asked in such haste that Molly was in an instant reminded of the entire horrible scene that unfolded before her eyes: The sharp blade of the knife cut through Spark's palm and the blood flowed all across his hands with such pressure. Just thinking about it, her breathing got faster and she was gripped by anxiety all of a sudden. She caught Little Cutie immediately and struggled to breathe. Obviously, she wanted to say something but she felt like something was blocking her throat and she could not speak now. She tried repeatedly only to fail, not a sound came from her mouth.

Just watching Molly's strange and restless actions, Little Cutie too got tensed and anxious as she spoke, "Molly, don't panic. Take a deep breath, calm down and slow your thoughts. Just take your time and try to speak again but slowly this time!" The entire scene was scary and tense. Little Cutie swallowed and continued, "I just called up Wing. She is on the way and should be here soon."

"Will Wing come here?" That might have been the only good news Molly heard today. She felt that the savior was coming and therefore she asked again anxiously to confirm what she just heard.

Little Cutie nodded to assure her, "Yes, she is coming."

Hearing her affirmative answer, Molly got up from the ground disregarding her numbing pain and with a hint of embarrassment walked towards the street. Little Cutie followed Molly's steps almost immediately.


After Brian ended the call, Wing drove at the fastest possible speed to the dumped factory. While the factory was slowly appearing in her view, Wing pressed the break to come to a grinding halt as she opened the tool kit on the seat next to her and grabbed the micro gun from it. She had never used it on anyone before. But as a woman who grew up in XK Intelligence Agency, it was impossible not to have the ability to use a gun.

She squinted at the small firearm with her big brooding eyes. She held it tightly in her fingers for a while to get familiar with this piece of equipment. She then concealed it in the back of her pant at the waist. After swiftly putting it all together, she restarted the car and began to accelerate towards the abandoned factory.

As she passed a block of houses, a pair of eyes concealed in a house watched Wing passing through the bl

impossible to open now. Under the dimly lit night sky, Molly could see the dark blood flowing through the car's gap onto the black tar road. The scene was terrifying, and it drove Molly crazy.

Molly touched the car door helplessly just hoping, hoping that she would get a response, "Wing... Wing... can you hear me? can you answer? Wing..." Molly had never seen such a horrible accident before. The more anxious she grew, the less effective ideas she came up with. A great deal of helplessness appeared on her pale face.


The sudden brake's screeching sound pierced through the serene night. It was evident that someone just got there but before anyone could identify who was coming, a slender and well-shaped figure appeared in front of Molly. It was Brian. He pulled Molly away from the battered car and fixed his determined gaze on the car door, wrestling to find a way to open it. His eyes were reflecting a great deal of worry, fear, and earnestness.

Molly already lost her mind and did not know what to do. She stood in one spot still, just unconsciously blankly staring at Brian's movement. As she slowly lowered her head, she found her hands were stained with blood, which came from the car door gap. She was overwhelmed by the gushing feeling of fear and anguish. She lifted her head and shifted her gaze back onto Brian's face, which was stiff without any emotion. Brian controlled all his negative thoughts and tried to remain calm so as to find an effective way to remove the door and save Wing from the immobile car.

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