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   Chapter 700 You Really Disappoint Me (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7524

Updated: 2019-05-21 00:12

The tragedy was uncovering to be beyond the surface, beyond what anyone could anticipate. But when it did unfold eventually, the things in the past which confused and boggled us now turned out to be crystal clear. However... Even after clarifying everything, it was now too late for us to fix it.


"Wing!" Brian exclaimed loudly as he pressed his teeth hard and burst out,"Don't you understand the situation you are in now?"

"……" Wing remained silent for a brief moment before she earnestly replied from the other side of the call,"Brian, I will be really careful, please do not worry about me."

"No, you definitely cannot handle it! I can not emphasize it enough actually, don't you understand what a muddle you have gotten yourself into now?" Brian repeated the statement to drill his concern and anger through to the other side. As he remained connected via call with Wing, he accelerated and sped his way through the route to get there as fast as he could. He also tried to stop Wing on the phone. But he was just like ants on a hot pan, and there was nothing he could do about it.

"I know and I understand everything very well, please just calm down, Brian." Wing consoled him in a calm and composed tone unlike Brian and went on,"I promise you this, I will not get hurt. And you know it too very well that I am capable of handling the matter, and hold everything together until you come. It will be fine."

"Wing! If something, anything unfortunate happens to you, I will never be able to forgive you for the rest of my life! " After saying that, he ended the call abruptly without waiting for a response and focused on driving as fast as he possibly could. His chiseled face had a cold and indifferent expression while his eagle-like and inky eyes seemed like he was prepared to kill people. At that moment, he looked like a devil incarnate just marinating in his anger and helplessness. He pressed down on the accelerator pedal down to the fullest and drove the car at its highest speed, he was still not content, making the vibe cold with tension and anger.


Molly was restrained by two men and dragged out of the factory. She struggled and cried out helplessly,"Just let me go... Please take him to the hospital fast... I

in the pool of his blood from the chopped up hands.

Just as they were about to leave, the taller man asked,"So what about this man?" He looked at Spark with confusion and a sense of pity.

"This man?" The man in black suit replied in a cold harsh tone,"Well, he is just a chess piece in this game which is beyond us and doesn't concern us. Since our employer did not say a word about this, there is no need to handle him. Let's just stay out of this."

With one last cold glimpse at Spark, they left the factory.

On the other side of the boundary, somewhere far from sight, Molly ran out of breath just running aimlessly to avoid their path. She was exhausted but still resumed running after a second's pause. She just wanted to escape and find someone to help Spark and her out of this mess. As soon as she passed the dumped brick factory, someone pulled her suddenly into it and out of instinct, she wanted to push the person away and escape not knowing who it was.

"Molly, it is me!" Little Cutie said quickly and loudly to assure and soothe fear-stricken Molly.

Molly gasped deeply, caught her breath and fixed her eyes on Little Cutie. After she was sure that it was indeed Little Cutie, she breathed a sigh of relief and lay down on the ground. She now felt a little calm.

"Molly, are you OK?" Little Cutie looked at Molly from head to toe and asked,"What happened here? I just heard a loud scream coming from inside the factory. Was I mistaken? What on earth happened there?"

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