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   Chapter 699 A Trap (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9136

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"Release me... Release me!" Like a beast caged, Spark's eyes were bloody red. He didn't in the mood to think and determine whether the man was telling truth or lies. He was letting his anger take over him, he struggled and shouted, "Release me! Where's Brian Long? Brian Long, do whatever the hell you want to do to me! But face me like a real man!" His screams echoed throughout the empty building.

"Shut up!' the leading man in black bellowed, peeved at Spark. He gestured something to his companions and one of them handed him a dagger as the other released Spark's left hand and slapped it on the abandoned work bench in front of him. His mouth was curled in a wicked smile. The man said mercilessly, "Spark, do you still think you can escape?"

Before Spark even realized what was happening, the man held Spark's wrist with one hand and the other raised to stab Spark's hand with his dagger while a woman's horror-struck scream of "no" came through. Spark howled as the dagger broke through his skin and bones.

Molly's eyes widened in fear and her mouth was still agape as she heard the loud howling. Her breathing turned heavy as if everything was in slow motion for a while. Molly's eyes blinked rapidly as her eyes fell on the dagger on Spark's hand. Her face was white as a sheet—partly out of horror and partly out of anger. She wanted to find out who did this.

"Mrs. Molly Long ?!"

one of the men in black called out and everyone else looked back in alarm. When he saw Molly standing at the door of the building soaking wet, the leading man asked, "What's Mrs. Moll Long doing here? Shouldn't she be in the manor?"

Spark was dripping wet in sweat. His face was still anguished from the pain. After a while, his hand hurt so much that it started to numb down. He raised his eyes slowly to look at the person in front of him turning slightly blurry. Weakly, he mumbled, "Mol..."

"Ah--" Molly screamed. She plodded towards Spark. As she walked, tears rolled down her cheeks and she kept shaking her head as if still in disbelief. She mindlessly murmured, "No, no, no... this can't be..." "No--" after a loud scream, Molly ran towards Spark calling his name, "Spark...Spark..."

"Take her back!" the man barked just as Molly was nearing Spark. Two men blocked Molly and pulled her away from Spark.

"Release me, release me... let me go..." Molly roared as she struggled but she was way too weak for these two strong men.

"Mrs. Molly Long, you're not supposed to be here!" the leading man in black said, while opening his eyes wide. Then he brutally pulled the dagger out of Spark's hand.

First, Spark's vision started to blur then it gradually darkened until he finally lost consciousness. The last thing

lcon-like eyes, "I did it ?"

Harrow nodded before he could stop himself. At that moment, Harrow realized that based on how well he knew Brian, he wouldn't have that expression on his face if he was guilty.

Brian threw his folder to the desk and took his cellphone out. He dialed a number, "What are you doing?"

"My job!" Vincent didn't even bother to cover up anymore because he knew Brian would see right through it. He added, "I'm going to keep looking for that person."

Brian's eyes dimmed at this and hung up on him. Then he called the manor, "Where's Molly?"

"..." There was a pause on the phone before the person answered, "Mr. Brian, Mrs. Molly Long went out of the woods with the help of Black Wolf."

Brian narrowed his eyes then hung up the phone. His eyes looked like deep, black holes, which were filled with brutal air.

"Mr. Brian?" Harrow could tell something was wrong. He asked, "What happened?"

With his temples quivering slightly, Brian took his coat and left Emp, leaving Harrow dumbstruck. When Harrow had collected himself, he called Tony right away.

Brian's phone rang as soon as he got in his car. He answered it while starting his car.

"Brian," Wing said, flustered, "did you do anything to Spark?"

"No!" Brian roared, fed up of being accused as he drove away from Emp.

"No?" Wing asked. Then she didn't wait for him to answer anymore before she told him everything that Little Cutie had just told her. "I'm heading there now," Wing said.

"You can't go there!" Brian yelled, losing his usual calmness all of a sudden. His face looked scared. "Wing, I'm going. You're not!"

"You're coming all the way from Emp! We have no time!"

"Wing! Don't go there! Stop your car right now!" Brian slammed on his gas pedal uneasily. "Wing Long, Don't go there!"


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