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   Chapter 697 Spark Was Kidnapped! (Part Three)

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The manor was backed by a large, untapped forest, and in between, was a wide river. So even if Molly was left alone, they had nothing to worry about. Moreover, they had men in the forest, allowing no one to come near the manor without their knowledge. Molly also had Black Wolf next to her. There was no way she could get away from them.

Molly waited for everyone to leave. As soon as she was certain that she was alone, she looked around quickly for a way out. Although the wall wasn't very high, she still couldn't climb up by herself. She also knew that there was a forest behind the manor. People in A City called it the Mist Forest due to the zero visibility that was caused by a year-round case of thick fogs. No one who went into the Mist Forest could see anything within a five-meter distance, but... While she was looking around, she found something out of the ordinary. She creased her eyebrows upon noticing it.

At this rate, it had to be foggy at the manor as well. Yet, she couldn't see any trace of fog in the distance. It was almost like things were working in her favor.

"Woof, woof..." Black Wolf barked at Molly twice, shaking its big hairy tail for her attention. When the dog noticed that she was looking, it turned and ran quickly in a certain direction.

"Hey, Black Wolf..." Molly hollered. Then she frowned and quickly ran towards Black Wolf. There, she clearly saw it. A big dog hole appeared before her, after Black Wolf finished digging at the root of the wall with its front paws. Molly stared at it with wide eyes and murmured questioningly, "Brian would let you make such a big hole?"

"Woof, woof..." Black Wolf shook his tail around Molly, as if showing off because of what he achieved. Because of his huge size, however, he looked a bit funny.

Molly looked at the dog hole and then at her surroundings. Without entertaining any more ridiculous thoughts, she climbed down through it with Black Wolf closely behind her.

The flowing river in the almost dark weather was tranquil. Molly looked at the size of the river with a deep frown, estimating its depth was at least five or six meters deep. A City was nowhere near the sea, and it also had a

red to stop production. Due to the lack of effective treatment, however, the pollution hadn't been properly dealt with yet. Finally, the people who lived nearby had no choice but to move out. The few families that stayed behind were either lonely old people, or those who couldn't afford to pay higher rent costs elsewhere.

Tied to a chair, Spark looked at the men in black before him and asked calmly, "Who are you?"

No one responded to his question. The leader signaled his lackey a silent command, to which the latter nodded and went out. When his lackey returned, he whispered something to his leader. Then the man in black said, "Now that Mr. Brian Long has given out his order, just do everything as he instructed."

"Yes, sir!" his lackey responded.

The man in black glanced at Spark. He examined him from head to toe, with no plans of talking to him. "Keep his mouth sealed," he demanded.

"You...!" He struggled as the lackey held him down. "Hmm... Hmm!" He tried to avoid by moving his face from side to side, but the man grabbed his face. Before Spark could say anything else, his mouth had been sealed with black tape. He glared at the leader, breathing furiously through his nostrils.

The man in black looked at him cynically, and then eyed his tied hands. He murmured coldheartedly, "His hands...

I've heard that the insurance for such hands is quite a fortune." Spark suppressed any reaction as the man began to smile evilly.

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