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   Chapter 696 Spark Was Kidnapped! (Part Two)

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The men slammed the door shut, locking Spark inside the car. Although he was now trapped in the car, it was noticed by some people who happened to pass by. Some were curious, and others were scared. No one could do anything else but stare helplessly as they drove away, accelerating out of the street.

With mouth agape, Little Cutie blinked excessively while watching the situation that transpired. For a while, she, too, couldn't find it in her to react to what was happening. When she finally composed herself, the business car was already too far, but still within sight. She hastily hailed a taxi, jumped into it, and told the taxi driver, "Please, follow that business car over there! Hurry!"

Little Cutie was breathing heavily. While she didn't know what to do exactly, she kept a close eye on the business car before them, urging the driver to stay close. Suddenly, she thought of Molly. 'Yes, ' she thought frantically, 'Molly would know what to do.' She took out her phone and dialed Molly's number. She listened to the phone ring while staring at the business car.

Her fingers trembled in fear, and for a few times, she would drop her phone beside her. Despite such crippling emotions overwhelming Little Cutie, she did her best to wait for Molly to answer.

Molly was sitting on a bench, looking at the sun move towards the west all day. She wore a dull and blank expression, deep in thought. Trapped, it was all she was allowed to do. Black Wolf whimpered from time to time, his big head always searching for a comfortable position. Looking at the men in black who walked in front of him, the dog blinked weakly. He changed his position a few more times before finally settling and closing his eyes.

Molly didn't eat the entire day, and neither did Black Wolf. While Molly's case was due to not having an appetite, poor Black Wolf was simply forbidden to eat. Molly didn't naturally consider whether Black Wolf ate or not. But this time, it was different because she might have had something to do with the dog's misfortune.

Before Brian left, he ordered everyone not to feed Black Wolf for three days. That they were only allowed to offer him water, and nothing else. Everyone was at a loss. It was such a

ntinued to march back and forth in the yard. "How am I going to get out of here?" she muttered to herself.

She had to find a way to get out and go after Little Cutie. It was her biggest concern at the moment.

"Woof, woof! Woof!" Black Wolf lay on the ground, blinking, as his gaze continued to follow Molly wherever she paced.

Just then, one of the men in black walked up to her from nowhere. He respectfully, but curtly, asked, "Mrs. Molly Long, is there something I can do for you?"

Molly halted, and shot the man in black a disbelieving look before saying, "I need to go out now!"

"I'm sorry," replied the man, unaffected by her tone. "Other than leaving the manor, Mrs. Molly Long can ask me to do anything else."

"Anything?" Molly asked, sniffing passively.

"Yes ma'am," the man replied firmly.

"In that case," said Molly, "I want you all to stay in the front yard. I don't want to see any of your faces around here!"

The man in block frowned a bit, gave it some thought, and then answered, "As you wish, ma'am," He gestured at all the men who were guarding her. Several men respectfully bowed to Molly at once, after which, without any questions, they all moved to the front yard.

"Mrs. Molly Long, if you need anything else, please give us your order through Channel One," The man then handed over a walkie-talkie to Molly. As soon as she took it, he bowed down slightly and went to the front yard as well, leaving her all alone with Black Wolf.

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