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   Chapter 695 Spark Was Kidnapped! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7321

Updated: 2019-05-20 00:12

Fate. It was something that could never be set in stone. Like a spring, its versatility depended on one's interpretation, and yearning for the thrill of life. Ultimately, fate was something that could be swayed by people's choices.

It seemed like just any other day at the Summer Breeze Bakery.

Spark, who was leaning against the window, held the violin and bow in his left hand. His right hand deep in his trouser's pocket.

With a hint of sadness on his face, his amber eyes gradually lost focus, as if falling into several layers of darkness.

"Spark," Manny said upon offering him a cup of coffee. He took a look at him and asked, "Are you ready to leave?"

Coming out of his reverie, Spark looked at Manny with hesitation and said, "She... She hasn't gotten her happiness yet." Then he concealed his sadness behind his usual arrogance. "What's more is that," he added promptly, "Wing's melody isn't complete just yet. Not only that, but I also promised Mr. Brian Long that it'll be finished. And as you well know, that kind of melody doesn't always come easy, but it is the greatest dream of any performer in the world." Slowly lifting the violin under his jaw, he placed the bow in his right hand and pulled the string gently. Then he continued to say, "Besides, I have the Stradivarius violin in my hands now. It was practically born for that melody." As he closed his eyes gently, he began to play the melody, A Mark of Summer, which gradually produced a breathtaking effect so powerful that it could penetrate deep into a person's heart.

Manny shrugged his shoulders, and agreed with Spark's remark. "Well, it's great that you've made your decision. After what happened the last time..." his voice trailed, "I don't think you're the old wayward Spark anymore." Manny paused, and then looked at Spark's immersion in the sound of his instrument and said, "Since you've let go of the past, all of that anger and resentment, I suggest that you go back and have a talk with your father... After all, no one can really judge what's right or wrong in a relationship, other than the ones who are involved in it, right?"

Abruptly, Spark stopped playing. The melody was cut sho

boss to go with these men in black suits.

He gulped in horror, however, when the quieter one out of the two men glared at him. The waiter instinctively stopped holding Spark's sleeve.

Spark narrowed his eyes, speaking coldly, "I didn't know that Brian's men bully weaker people,"

The quieter one finally spoke, just as menacingly, "Please, come with us now,"

Spark shook his head in disbelief, and assured the waiter that he was going to be fine. Then he followed the two men out of Summer Breeze. When they reached the side of the road, Spark saw a shabby business car. He couldn't help but look at the men suspiciously as they opened the door and waited for him to get in. "You guys don't work for Mr. Brian Long, do you?"

Both were momentarily surprised, until the one in charge spoke calmly, "Spark, if we're not Mr. Brian Long's men, then who do you think we are?"

Spark smirked, saying, "I may not be close pal with Brian, but I'm pretty sure that he's a generous man," Then he glanced pointedly at the business car, "Brian would never pick me up in such a shabby car. He wouldn't want to ruin his reputation over it."

The men shared a look. Just as Spark was about to leave, they grabbed him on both sides and, in broad daylight, threw him into the business car. "If Mr. Brian Long's looking for you, then you should simply just go. Why must you complicate things? Who would reject Mr. Brian Long's invitation in A City, anyway?"

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