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   Chapter 694 The Endless Loneliness And Profound Hope (Part Four0

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7918

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This time she did not push him away. Instead, she felt a sense of relief set in just being in his company, even though he was just a dog, yet she knew it was better than drowning in loneliness. Her eyes stared blankly in the infinite space before her, hollow and barren, as if she was a separate, isolated being, and everything else in the world had nothing to do with her, everything was estranged from her... Slowly, she smiled in a self-pitying manner. She mocked herself on how she ended up in such a situation where even a dog's company cheered her up. How lonely and sad it was to have no one around with whom she could open up to? She felt a pressing need to cry, complain, and run away.

She sat motionlessly for some time until her ears caught the sound of melodious violin playing. Molly took her phone out from her pocket. It was a call from Eric.

After taking a moment to collect herself, she answered, "Eric." Her voice was weak and trembling.

Eric felt his heartbreak upon hearing her voice. "Little Molly, are you sick?" he asked sincerely.

Molly paused for a moment to avoid breaking down, and then she said, "Yes, I am."

Eric was worried and also annoyed. "How is Brian taking care of you?" he cried querulously. Over the past few days, he was occupied by flying back and forth from visiting various people across different countries. In fact, his schedule was so hectic and crazy he almost lost count of the day when he had a break. And today, upon getting a moment's respite from his busy routine, he went out to buy the music box that he accidentally stumbled upon earlier. He fell in love with that music box at first sight and planned to buy it for Molly even though he could not step then to fetch it. He called Molly the minute he returned with the music box in his hand, hoping to surprise her and also wanted to hear her voice as it had been too long since they met. However, he did not expect to be greeted in such a weak and morose tone.

"Oh please don't blame him, it is not his fault. I mindlessly caught a cold at night. I should have been careful. Bri is busy, but he has been taking good care of me whenever he is home," she explained and made excuses for him. She did not want to get him involved in her relationship with Brian anymore as it would only hurt him deeply. She decided that one day in the near future, she woul

I will see you soon..."

Unwillingly, Eric assented. But before she hung up her phone, he reminded, "I only have two other countries left to visit. And after that, I will return. Don't forget the noodles you owe me."

"I will cast it in my mind," she promised. They then said their goodbyes before hanging up. Tears came rushing out of her eyes. There was a growing divide in her mind between the eagerness of running away from her current situation and regret of having to give up on all those people she loved.

In a bid to calm herself down, she panted heavily for a moment after she ended her conversation with Eric. As if her sorrowful mood influenced the Black Wolf, he lay powerlessly on the ground with his chin against the grass, looking gloomily at his front.

The whole afternoon, she sat there with the canine. They did not seem to be concerned about time. After all, time was the only thing that she was left with in abundance after being held in this place. The westering sun cast a colorful, charming light over the manor and created beautiful scenery along with the stillness of her and the dog.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She took a deep breath before answering, "Little Cutie, what is up?" she asked.

"Molly..." came Little Cutie's heavy and incoherent voice. She resumed, her voice trembling, "When I went to the cake room, I saw Spark being dragged into a commercial car forcefully by some men. And I heard them mentioning Brian's name. Anyway, they all looked so vicious and crude. I am so terrified.

What if something bad happens to Spark?"

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