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   Chapter 693 The Endless Loneliness And Profound Hope (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7987

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Mr. Song's sudden demise led to great chaos in A city. Even those who were completely detached and isolated from any event in the past years had started to pay close attention to the entire circumstance in a rather uneasy and tense manner. Media's eyes were all over this, they were everywhere, just striving to get a scoop of some fresh and intriguing newsworthy stories about his glorious life in a bid to improve their audience rating while attracting more readers. The stark contrast between his brilliant and impressive life and his miserable and tragic death now piqued people and brought a small magnitude of unsteadiness to the whole city. People concerned about his life and death with keen, overwhelming feelings, while some were ignorant, some were pleased, but most of them pitied how such a brilliant mind died in an inhuman and cold manner.

Lose Demon Bar.

In a black body-hugging outfit, Black Widow leaned against the bar counter with one of her arms propped onto the counter and held a glass of beer in the other hand, as she looked at all the men and women gathered there, just swaying their bodies crazily to the beats of the music playing loud and clear on the dance pool. Slowly, a contemptuous and sly smile came across her face.

"Could I have a glass of lemonade, please?"

a smooth and expressionless voice of a woman came through from behind. Black Widow didn't turn around to see who it was. Instead, she just took a sip of her beer and said in a slow, condescending tone, "I owe you a favor this time. So what is it that you want?"

The woman came forward and grabbed the lemonade from the bartender and sat on the stool next to Black Widow. She was dressed in active sportswear finished with a baseball hat. In comparison to all the people dancing there in the club, she looked so completely different in her distinctive attire. Her contrasting outfit made it appear as though she was an underage student who snuck out of school and came to see the world that she had never explored before.

"Well, as a matter of fact, I do have a favor to ask of you," she said idly as she lifted her glass and took a big sip. The lemonade was cool and refreshing. The satisfaction of having that beverage as it flowed down her throat cooled her down, her lips gradually pulled into a cunning smile.

"I know," Black Widow said as her eyes remained fixed on t

Black Wolf. Right as she began to gather her scattered thoughts, he came up to her. He then rested his big head idly on Molly's feet, he growled lightly under his breath to express his content mood. A woman with her loyal dog companion, sitting against the beautiful scenery, made for a peaceful and harmonious picture of life.

"Hey, Big Guy," Molly called out tenderly. To her wonder, the Black Wolf lifted his head swiftly at the calling of his name. His eyes were soft and bright, looking up at her as if he was all optimistic to hear what she had to say. Molly was amused by the dog's understanding nature. "Were you always locked away in the cage before I came?" she asked.

He growled softly again, almost as if he understood and indicated a "Yes". Molly bent slightly forward and studied his face closely.

It seemed unbelievable that this same sweet and subservient dog who rested on her feet so gently at the moment was actually the same dog who terrorized everyone and bit people mercilessly in the past.

"We are the same, you know, facing the same situation," Molly said gently as she looked into his eyes, "Like you are held in the cage against your will, I am held in this manor with no say." Molly smiled in a wry and helpless manner. "But I guess you are in a slightly better situation because they at least let you stroll outside from time to time, but they will never allow me to have such a privilege," she said.

The Black Wolf growled softly to express his sympathy. He began to rub his head on her thigh gently and softly almost as if he was consoling her.

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