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   Chapter 692 The Endless Loneliness And Profound Hope (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-05-19 05:24

Gradually his eyes grew deep and dark with rage, especially when his eyes caught sight of the place that the animal was resting his paws, which just happened to be a sensual part of her body.

Sensing Brian's anger, the animal backed away at once. He moaned softly under his breath as he looked up subserviently at Brian and to seek approval. And then he looked around. As if he was a mouse looking for a hole to tuck himself into in order to escape being captured. At length, he lay down on the grass with his front paws extended in front and lowered his head to look at the ground as if he was ready to be punished by Brian.

Molly instantly rose and started up to her feet, then without setting eyes on Brian, she went ahead and left him.

The Black Wolf barked looking at her receding back. He was baffled at her indifference toward Brian. Molly neither turned around nor slowed her pace. Her steps were fixed and firmly placed one after another to move ahead. The animal moaned continuously as she slowly grew smaller fading into the distance. He turned to look at Brian, and instantly, as if he was completely sure what was in Brian's mind, he leapt up at an instance and ran after Molly.

"Mr. Brian Long?" The head of the men asked slightly at him, wondering if he should stop the dog.

Brian remained silent. His eyes were staring at Molly's direction. He simply wanted to see her, no matter if he would be treated coldly and nonchalantly.

A wry smile slowly crept up to his face. A small, helpless smile that none of his men noticed. The Black Wolf was still running after her. How cynically alike he was with the animal! Much as he had been treating her with cold and impassive attitude, but deep down in his heart, he could not bear to be ignored by her, to be abandoned by her. He wanted her love, her care so badly. Just like the Black Wolf, he may be close to anyone, or even intimate to Richie or Shirley, but he had never been so subservient to anyone and never did he yearn love from anyone like he was from Molly. What the Black Wolf was doing was literally the manifestation of his own feelings, to run after her and beg her to love him.

"Let him be," after a short silence, he said lightly, "Maybe it is better to keep him by her side." It occurred in his mind that it may be more secure to have the Black Wolf protect her. After all, he could not absolutely rely on his people to keep an eye on her all the time. There would always be som

women think and do in a different way," he said, looking deeply into her eyes. Wing remained silent for a moment. She kept looking at him with slow and pensive eyes for some time.

And then she sighed. "Is it really what he expected?" Her smart and clever mind had already guessed out what Weston meant, which was apparently a very hurtful fact for Brian. She resumed, in a sad and thoughtful voice, "After all, this is the love that he has always craved for from his childhood. No matter it is sweet or painful, he would definitely not want to give up on."

"I know," said Weston wistfully, "but when it comes to hurt her only to keep her safe, one would prefer to give up and let her go."

Wing's eyes round with full of sorrow and pity about Brian. There were almost tears glistening in there. After a while, she said in a trembling voice, "I don't understand. Does it really have to go down like this? That being misunderstood by someone he loved, or even be hated?"

Weston did not respond. His eyes looked over Wing and gazed at Brian who was standing not far away, looking at them. There was a deep, indescribable helpless look on Weston's face. He thought of what he would do if he were in Brian's position. He felt that he too would do the same, that is to make her completely and absolutely hate himself, detest himself, and in the end, force her to run away from himself on her own will. For the rest of her life, maybe she would think of him sometime, but that recollection would only be a hate than a pain. Only in this way, she could actually completely give up on him and have the chance to start her life all over again.

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