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   Chapter 691 The Endless Loneliness And Profound Hope (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8476

Updated: 2019-05-19 02:12

I am willing to abandon all my life's hard work, dedication and reputation in an instant, if it can protect you and keep you away from harm's way! --by Brian

Everyone went numb and still in the face of sheer terror and horror.

Everyone least expected and thought that Molly would show up right when the Black Wolf was strolling outside, anxiously yet carefully looking for his next prey. The long stretches of time he spent chained behind the bars of a cage, the special training he received since he was a puppy, made the dog extremely ferocious and aggressive in nature. But beyond all of this, he was also a loyal dog, who cared so much for his master Brian. If he saw anyone new appear next to Brian, his protectiveness went into overdrive, and he would jump into defense as this stranger was a danger. This being said, there were high chances that upon seeing Molly standing there out in the open, defenseless, he would pounce on her and attack her ferociously to eliminate the danger.

The guards were petrified as they knew what lay beyond the darkness. At this point, they entirely forgot that the Black Wolf was Brian's favorite pet. They just knew that they would be in so much trouble if anything bad would happen to Molly, and with such a precarious situation they would rather risk sacrificing the dog than letting Brian's girl be in harm's way. With that thought, they pulled out their weapons and prepared to shoot down the canine.

However, the Black Wolf was a military grade trained dog who knew how to slide out of such situations. The moment the bullet was fired out, he instantly changed tracks and dodged the bullet, and right then when the guards least expected it with a giant leap, he swooped down on Molly, who tumbled over backward with the dog's strong paws pushing her down towards the ground. The man panicked as he stumbled upon the trigger hurriedly for a second shot. However right that instant, his eyes fell upon the dog and he noticed a rather different tone in the dog's attitude. So before his finger could pull the trigger, as a sense of doubt clouded his judgment, he quickly made a decision and with fear he pulled the trigger, unaware of the outcome. With a loud noise, the bullet made way through the thick air, passed the beast and rammed into the wall behind them.

Utterly terrified, Molly closed her eyes and cried out hysterically and helplessly in fear not knowing what was happening. It was all too fast for her to comprehend anything.

She felt the canine's heightened heavy bre

ver him. Consistently, he kept licking her cheek with his long and rough tongue.

Gradually, as the itchy feeling intensified on her cheek, she started to exclaim out, "Get away from me, you Big Guy, get off… I can't breathe!"

However, the dog got even more excited on hearing her voice.

He lifted his head and barked joyfully for a few times and then nestled his head against her chest as if he was afraid that he would be forsaken.

The men were moved by the unexpected sight. They had expected many different outcomes of their interaction and this was not one of them. They all stood motionlessly there, looking numbly at the dramatic and fascinating scene unfolding before them. In the end, they seemed to come to an understanding, that Molly was not only his owner: Brian's wife, but also Mark's mom. So it took for granted that Molly must have some same, intimate scent as Brian and that attracted the dog and made him so elated at seeing her.

In a little while, as they stood there, contemplating over the sight, one of them suddenly put his gun away and called out in shock, "Mr. Brian Long!"

The others all went taut at the sound. They all put away their guns immediately and called out simultaneously with bright, decisive voice resounding with respect, "Mr. Brian Long!"

The sound fell upon Molly's ears as well. With a shock, her motion suspended. Her head instinctively turned away to look for Brian. Finally she saw him, in a sky-blue shirt with top buttons unraveled and a black pants with his one hand clung to its pocket. He was standing not far away from the men, and looking at her with his deep, black eyes. Or rather, he was looking at the Black Wolf.

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