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   Chapter 690 The Imprisonment (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7048

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Sam was a labor contractor for construction. Even without formal training, he had a unique vision. Many people in A City chose to have him build their villas. The villa Brian occupied would have to be abandoned because of Hannah. So, he would need to have a new one built elsewhere.

Once Hannah is turned over to the vulgar laborers under Sam's leadership, it's almost easy to imagine how 'colorful' her future life would be.

When they walked out, Brian gave a clipped order, "Find out who Hannah has recently been in contact with."

Tony stared at his boss with a confused look.

Glancing at Tony, Brian spoke slowly, "There should be a person in the dark."

With that, he turned to leave as the driver watched his retreating back. As Brian's shadow, Tony knew that since his boss decided to let Molly go, he needed to clean everything in the dark to enable her to live a completely peaceful life. It was likely because of Justin and Steven that things could not easily be peaceful in the dark.

An ambulance with blinking blue lights roared in the street, its siren breaking the evening silence. Inside the emergency vehicle, medical personnel provided first-aid treatment to Mr. Song competently and briskly. The medical team noted it was an old man who had been brought out of the casino. While it was not uncommon for a man his age to suffer arrhythmia from excessive gambling, they thought there was no one else to blame for his condition.

"Heartbeat's stopped!" the nurse suddenly said. Everyone inside the ambulance gathered around the patient.

Peering into Mr. Song's old face, the doctor frowned a little but still gave the order, "Prepare the defibrillator!"

"Got it!" the nurse replied. She pulled out the medical device and handed it to the doctor, who prepared it for use.

"Clear!" the doctor called out, before sticking the pads on Mr. Song's chest.

He zapped the patient, but nothing happened.

"Again. Clear!" The doctor stuck the pads once more.

The nurse observed the cardiac rhythm instrument closely for any sign of recovery. Watching the screen for several m

uld not stop.

Molly slept with a frown on her face and her arms hanging on the edge of the sofa, while the lower half of her body was on the floor. The sound of a barking dog gradually crept into her senses and hit a sensitive nerve in her ears. She suddenly bolted upright and looked around her.

Her swollen eyes now felt very dry. It took a while before she realized where she was.

"Woof!" the dog barked again.

Frowning, she attempted to get up. But having been in one position for so long, her legs and feet had become numb. Molly waited a few minutes to regain the sensation in her lower limbs, but the barking still didn't stop. Instinctively, she walked out to follow the sound.

Her entire body feeling so tired, Molly went around the house and checked out the premises. Her feet weakened considerably as she reached the lawn. Fluttering her eyes, she turned to go back to the house and was panting from exhaustion.

"Woof!" the barking seemed to be getting closer.

As soon as Molly raised her eyes, she turned deathly pale at the sight of a huge Tibetan mastiff rushing towards her at whirlwind speed.

"Ahhhh!" Molly screamed in terror.

She stood frozen in panic as she watched the huge animal coming towards her. Her mind told her to run, but her feet felt like they were rooted to the spot.

Suddenly, the Tibetan mastiff hurled itself towards a very frightened Molly.

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