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   Chapter 689 The Imprisonment (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6877

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The question made Mr. Song's heart skip a beat. But as a veteran, his expression didn't change, nor did color rise in his cheeks. "What makes you mention her now?" he inquired.

The corner of Brian's lips curled into a sneer. Slowly, he said, "I just noticed how experienced you are. On the day of your wine party, you knew I was likely to attend because Wing would be there. Besides, if you learned from Wing that I had been in a bad mood recently, you would make sure that I would be there." And Brian would have gone to the party even if Victor didn't challenge him to attend the event. "The trap was set perfectly. Different from ordinary philters, the 'Love Poison' of the Hmong is so difficult to resist and even an extremely strong-willed person can't fight it," Brian pointed out.

The straightforward description given by Brian shocked Mr. Song, who suddenly felt butterflies in his stomach. The parasite poison from the Hmong community, which is usually called 'Love Potion', has a history of several hundred or even a thousand years. Presently, the parasite is not being cultured. At the same time, the government intervened to prohibit its cultivation. So, parasite poison should have long been stamped out, but it resurfaced in a place where it shouldn't have. And all this had something to do with Mr. Song's first wife, since the person who had given Hannah the "Love Poison" was the sister of this wife, who was a well-known witch in the Hmong community!

Stunned, Mr. Song never expected Brian to find out all this. The old man thought that no one would learn this because very few people knew about the Hmong community where the witch originated from and even less knew about his first wife.

"The 'Love Poison' does not cause one to lose consciousness, but it will disorient the person drugged with it," Brian slightly raised his eyebrows. "That is to say when in a dark environment, I could easily mistake Hannah for Molly and view her as the one I love deeply. Of course, she had to pretend to somehow look like Molly." As Brian pau

ian's place, he would make the same decision. 'To eradicate a woman's love for a man, you have to make the woman rage against the man, and not just hate him, ' Weston thought.

He left the general control room and closed the door gently behind him. On the screen, Brian slowly exposed the contents of the dice cup, where all six of the dice were stacked in a straight line, with each one having one red dot on top.

"You lose, Mr. Song!" Brian said flatly. Without looking at the old man, who was now slumped in the chair, Brian stood up, his face impassive, and walked out the room steadily, one hand in his trouser pocket.

"Mr. Brian Long," Tony caught up with him and asked his boss, "How do you want us to handle them?"

Brian stopped in his tracks and turned his head slightly towards Tony. Aware that Mr. Song's previously healthy body weakened instantly due to the stressful events, his eyes lit up. His lips thinned before replying in a low voice, "Since she likes being on a man's bed so much, I will satisfy her." As cruel as Brian was, his words left a bitter taste in his mouth. The harsh words left Mr. Song gasping for breath once more. Brian turned to his men and ordered them, "Tell Sam that she is the gift I am giving his men…"

Tony glanced at his boss, while the people behind them yelled in panic, "Mr. Song! Mr. Song!" He shouted, "Yes!"

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