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   Chapter 688 The Imprisonment (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7015

Updated: 2019-05-18 13:38

A woman will never find lasting peace until any anger she feels reaches a climax. Once it does, the reason for that anger will gradually fade in the end.


Wing's face turned pale as she watched Molly almost disappearing at the corner of the house. The girl had run out in despair. Hurriedly, Wing cried out, "Molly!"

Hearing her name, Molly stopped in her tracks just as she was about to turn a corner. Slowly, she turned around and came face-to-face with Wing and Weston, who were running towards her. The tears she had been holding back threatened to spill again.

"Molly," Wing said as she tried to catch her breath. She looked at the girl worriedly then grabbed her arms before turning to look at the Black Wolf inside a cage from a distance. Hastily, she dragged Molly farther to get her away from the Black Wolf. "Molly, what happened?" Wing asked gently, her face lined with concern.

Molly's lashes fluttered then fat teardrops rolled down her cheeks. She sobbed as soon as she walked into Wing's arms and held on to her tightly.

"Wing…" she cried desperately, as she continued to cling to her sister-in-law. Stroking Molly's back gently, Wing asked again, "What happened?" She alternately stroked and patted Molly's back to help her settle down.

At that point, Molly was inconsolable. She shook her head while burrowed in Wing's neck. With her voice full of anguish, she told Wing, "I want to leave. I'm going to leave this place, Wing! I'm leaving that devil, and I'm bringing Mark with me! I've got to get away."

Her words, said with conviction, had Wing and Weston looking at each other. An unspoken message passed between them. What happened now must have been so grave that it was impossible to fix.

"Wing, I beg you. Please take me away from here," Molly pleaded. The sound she heard in the villa kept playing in her mind. It was so difficult to imagine that the man who stood by her side could be so ruthless. How could he treat a woman that way? And that woman was someone he had once slept with!

With these thoughts running in her mind, Molly couldn't sto

A game was about to begin and Weston focused on the screen.

On one side of the gambling table, Brian sat with both hands resting on the table, while his body leaned slightly towards the table. Overall, he looked cold and arrogant. But rather than the usual poker face he usually had on, his expression now said he was feeling very bad.

"Brian Long, is this how you treat me now?" an enraged Mr. Song demanded. He was so furious that the loose skin on his face kept quivering. "You are so cruel to my granddaughter!" In his fury, the old man's face turned red. With his walking stick, Mr. Song pounded the floor forcefully then continued, "Do not forget the time when I saved Wing. Remember, she was rescued by me. Only by virtue of this…"

But Brian cut him off coldly. "Only by virtue of this that Hannah Song remains alive!" Brian snapped. He made no attempt to hide his disdain. Taking a deep breath, he added, "Nobody can be my woman unless I agree to accept her. I do not sleep with women I dislike!"

The words and the emotion behind them made Mr. Song tremble in fury. He glared at Brian with eyes that were still sharp despite his eight-five years. He demanded, "But who was together with Hannah that day?"

Gradually leaning towards Mr. Song, Brian looked at the man with a tinge of pity in his eyes. Icily, he said, "I heard that your first wife came from the Hmong community?"

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