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   Chapter 687 All I Can Do Is Put On A Mask (Part Three0

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Her eyelashes trembled. She could hear two men talking and laughing and both of them sounded extremely satisfied. It made Hannah feel weird and nervous.

"What should we do with this woman?"

"No idea. Mr. Brian Long didn't mention anything."

"That is to say we can just leave her alone then?"

"Yes, I think so."

Their voices gradually faded away.

Hannah slowly sat up with her face showing no hint of emotion. She got out of the bed and looked around the room blankly before walking towards the bathroom in her bare feet.

Moments later, the sound of water shower could be heard. Hannah stood in the shower and let the cold water pour down on her bruised body. A few moments went by and her eyes looked red. Soon after, tears streamed down her cheeks, mixing with the cold water shower. She began rubbing and slathering her skin frantically. She kept rubbing her body until it hurts as if she had gone mad. She had no idea how much time had passed until she became exhausted. She slumped helplessly on the damp bathroom floor, her back against the cold wall and her eyes vacant.

"What a beauty!"

"Mr. Brian Long is finally treating us to a tasty dish!"

She could still hear the men talking.

"Hey, what if she gets pregnant? Who will be the baby's father?"

"Well, it doesn't matter who the father is. What really matters is that she can really have a baby."

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't she say that she was carrying Mr. Brian Long's child? But Mr. Brian Long will never allow her to have his baby, will he? So here we are!"

The other man laughed wildly.

"So are you saying that if she doesn't get pregnant this time, we can sleep with her again next time? Wow, that's amazing! I could do this again and again! "

The voices faded away.

Their words almost drove her mad. She could not believe what had happened. Perhaps she was just dreaming. She covered her ears with her hands, but she still couldn't get them out of her mind.

Hannah let out a scream

which echoed throughout the whole villa. "Brian, Molly, I will make you pay for all of this! You will regret this! Just wait and see!" she cried before letting out another scream.


At the roof garden

fully. When she saw Weston shaking his head, she continued fretfully, "Hmm. Okay, now we can do nothing else but wait and see." She then got into the car, and after Weston was settled too, she said, "Let's go to the manor."

"Are you sure?" Weston asked.

Wing nodded, "Of course. We need to know exactly what happened. Obviously, Mr. Song is furious now, so there's no way we can ask him about it. And Brian won't tell me too. Molly is the only one we can ask."

"But Brian told you not to pour salt on Molly's wound just now," Weston said worriedly.

"We can't leave the wound alone just because it hurts to treat it. It will only get more serious. We must treat it so it can heal," Wing said firmly. "Maybe Molly doesn't want to face it now. But I just can't stay there and do nothing."

"Well, then I'll respect your decision." Weston didn't say anything else and drove to the manor where the Black Wolf was kept.

It was late when they arrived. When the guard saw it was Wing and Weston, he didn't know whether he should let them in. Finally he called Brian to ask about it, cautious and nervous.

"Let them in," Brian ordered from the other end of the line, his tone showing no emotion. He hung up the phone afterwards.

Wing had expected that Brian would let them in, so she immediately rushed into the manor with her hand holding Weston's arm. But after taking just a few steps, she stopped in her track. She stared ahead and her face went grim.

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