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   Chapter 686 All I Can Do Is Put On A Mask (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6214

Updated: 2019-05-18 02:06

These past few days, he had been hoping that she would come to him and tell him the truth herself, but she didn't. She just kept it to herself. In addition to that, she even told Hannah about their promise and reminded him. It was breaking his heart that she was making every effort to leave him.

She would never know that he was only making a bet. How delighted he would be if she could rush upstairs to ask him directly, instead of turning around and leaving. Her love for him was never faithful, so was his love for her. Like a fallen leaf, their love was too fragile to face any challenge or difficulty. They shouldn't have been together from the very beginning. More to the point, their paths shouldn't have crossed in the first place. That was why everything had gone wrong.

Brian stared at Molly who was being carried away by the guards. Flashbacks started to run through him all of a sudden. All the sweet and bitter memories with Molly, and everything they had been through came flashing through his mind. His eyes looked red now, and he gritted his teeth to force back his tears, his temples throbbing because he was trying too hard.

All these years, she hadn't been the only one who wasn't faithful enough. He, himself, admittedly, was also to blame. He had always loved her in his own way instead of thinking about and caring for her feelings. He had forgotten that love was something he could never control. Just as Richie had said, a broken heart could never be healed.

Brian, despite his domineering arrogance and ruthlessness was now on the edge of crying but he was trying his best not to give in to the urge. There was no one else to blame, it was all his fault that everything ended up like this. Molly had already lost all her affection for him and it was ridiculous of him to hope that she would rush into his room to stop him and

It was salty. Molly closed her eyes sadly, but what Brian had done and said immediately rushed to her mind. She could clearly see his cruel eyes and hear his cold words in her mind.

"Molly, you think this is cruel? Then let me tell you, this is nothing compared to what's waiting for you."

Molly suddenly opened her teary eyes, which were filled with fear. She instinctively wrapped her arms around herself as if trying to protect herself from an enemy, but then gradually loosened her grip. She had no idea what Brian would do with her. Being imprisoned here could drive away her sanity. The fear for things unknown took control of her.


Lying in bed, Hannah stared into the ceiling with vacant eyes as if she was dead. There were bruises all over her body and even a dry blood stain could be seen on her leg. She looked like a ragged doll which had just been played and tortured by a naughty kid.

All the mess in the room were proof of the violence just now. Hannah had never in her wildest dreams, expected she would end up like this. She was only one step away from getting what she had ever wanted. It was like she was in heaven the last minute, but the next minute, she was dragged into hell. And Brian was the devil.

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