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   Chapter 685 All I Can Do Is Put On A Mask (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6053

Updated: 2019-05-18 00:12

Brian took one sip of the wine while staring at Hannah with his deep dark eyes.

He tasted it carefully, savored the taste before putting the goblet down on the table.

Hannah also took a sip as she looked into Brian's eyes, and said, "What do you want me to say? Mr. Brian Long, I've always liked you and I've never tried to conceal my feelings for you. These past few days, I've tried to repress my emotions, but the harder I tried, the more obsessed I become with you." Hannah smiled bitterly before continuing, "What happened that day was just an accident, but I never once regretted it. I don't care whether we end up together in the end or not, but I will never regret it."

"Really?" Brian took another sip at the wine before saying in a casual tone, "What if I don't regret it either?"

Hannah didn't respond, she just stared at him. She knew exactly who had been with him that night, but she didn't care about it at all. The only important thing was that he thought it was her.

"Hannah," Brian's eyes were a little unfocused, and it almost looked like he had fallen in love with her. He then gazed at her affectionately and said, "I really missed that night." Though his mind wasn't clear at that time because of the drugs, it was an unforgettable wonderful experience.

Brian's odd expression made Hannah realize that the drug was starting to take effect. She whispered, "So you asked me out tonight to..."

"Yes, what you're thinking is perfectly right." Brian's voice had become husky and deep.

"But we're sober now," Hannah pointed out.

"So what?" Brian looked extremely arrogant, "I want you, and that's enough." Both his voice and eyes became deeper, even darker, as if he was the devil rising from hell to destroy all humans.

Hannah stared meaningfully at Brian and smiled t

did not move an inch. Molly then rushed forward, but the men in front of her were as hard as a wall. Instead of getting out of the villa, she was then led into a room with each of the guards grabbing one of her arms.

"Let me go!" Molly struggled to free herself, but both guards were so strong that she could find no way to disentangle her arms and escape from them.

The bedroom door was ajar, and the constant moaning almost drove her mad. Every time she heard it, she felt her heart was being cut open by a sharp knife and stabbed multiple times. Molly gradually stopped struggling and just stood there, distressed, helpless, and weak. She couldn't see anything clearly now because her eyes were already filled with tears.

She had no idea how much time had passed until the moaning stopped. But immediately after, she heard a scream. Confused, Molly looked up. At that moment, Brian was just slowly walking down the stairs, dressed neatly.

Walking in a very slow pace, Brian stared at Molly, his heart throbbing in pain and desperation.

She would never know how he felt when he thought he might have slept with a woman who wasn't Molly, and how relieved he was when he found out the truth.

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