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   Chapter 684 The Same Trick Again! (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7251

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She looked up at the ceiling to stop the tears from falling, she took a deep gulp of breath and said, "Spark, I am really tired... And you know what?" she looked at him and said in an utterly defeated voice, "My heart is empty. It's completely empty."

They looked into each other's eyes. It was similar, the emotions in their deep eyes. There was sympathy. There was grief. And there were shards of their shattered love... There was nothing more to be said. Molly took her bag and walked out of the room, leaving Spark alone with his thoughts.

Once she was out of the practice room, Molly made a call to Myra and asked her to tell Little Cutie that she would not be joining them for the karaoke. She didn't call Little Cutie directly as she was really not in the mood to deal with Little Cutie's persistent persuasion.

As she reached the bus station, Molly looked at the several bus lines on the station board with one going to the foot of the villa mountain, one to the old house, and one to the courtyard of the military compound she used to live in. Her eyes ran through all of them and finally settled on the line to the villa.

Molly sat quietly at the back of the bus, immersed in her own pain. When hearing the bus broadcasting the station where she was supposed to get off, she slowly raised up from her seat, got off and stood all alone at the foot of the mountain.

Molly looked at the mountain road to the villa, a quiet road devoured by the night. She didn't know why she had come back, and she told herself that this was the last chance she was giving to herself, to Mark, and to Brian.

Dragging her feet, Molly slowly walked towards the villa. Her footsteps were heavy. She held her bag tightly, gnashed her teeth and narrowed her eyes in pain. Each step, she walked with extreme difficulty.


At the Sasha Music Troupe, a silent shadow stood outside the bathroom door. She looked around and slowly went in.

After making sure that there was no one else in the bathroom, she quickly turned on all the taps in the hand washing sink in case someone might eavesdrop outside.

Staring at the bathroom door, she took out her phone to dial a

what you want and I don't want to force you into doing something that you don't want to."

"Well, what if this is what I want?" Brian's voice infiltrated Hannah's heart like clear spring water. When he saw her look at him in surprise, he wore a gentle smile on one corner of his thin lips, but the smile did not reach his eyes. As they locked eyes with each other, Brian's phone dinged. He had received a text message and Brian excused himself as he read it. His eyes darkened as he read it and he said to Hannah, "Excuse me for a moment."

Brian held his phone and went upstairs to his study. Hannah was left alone at the table, with her mind still lingering on his words.

She looked at Brian's wine glass, then craned her neck to look at the closed study door. Her apricot gaze returned to his glass once again. She quickly grabbed her bag, took out a small bottle and poured the transparent liquid into Brian's glass along the rim, and swiftly put it away.

After she put her handbag back in its previous spot and sat down calmly, she heard the sound of the door opening upstairs. Brian walked down and said, "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting."

Hannah smiled slightly, "I'm sure it was important work stuff."

Brian smiled slightly at Hannah's answer. He picked up his wine glass and asked, "So, about the matter that we were discussing, what is your answer?" As he waited for her reply, he slowly raised his glass to his lips.

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