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   Chapter 683 The Same Trick Again! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6950

Updated: 2019-05-17 21:29

Myra looked at Molly's face and sighed. She took her cup of coffee and sipped it slowly. She looked at the young girl in front of her and wondered why Molly was the way she was. She was like a half-dead person, like a zombie. Her actions were mechanical and she was living a half-life. Back when she had joined the Troupe, she might not have been the happiest person Myra had seen, but at least she had normal emotions. She would show her joy, anger, sorrow and happiness. But now... She had lost something precious and along with it, she had lost all her human emotions. She had no interest in the world outside. She had completely shut down her feelings.

The sound of high heels tapping on the floor was approaching them from the entrance, yet those who were immersed in their happy talks did not notice it. As the sound got closer, Myra looked sideways and saw a beautiful woman with a white lace blouse and a pair of black high waisted pencil pants walking towards them. Her straight hair fluttered gently as she walked with royalty-like gracefulness.

This heavenly beauty was well-known in the music world.

"Hey look, Wing is here for Molly again," a girl who was among the noisy crowd spotted Wing and said in a hasty voice.

"Hmph!" Fly scoffed, with a disdainful look, but her eyes were filled with obvious jealousy, "She only entered the upper class because of her good looks and her body. She's no big deal."

Little Cutie was passing by her and said to her, "You have a pretty desirable body. Why are you not among the upper class?" she smirked at her, " People who don't have talent will always look up at the ones that do, and tell them how sour their grapes are."

"You...!" Fly was pissed off. But she was held back by the others when she was about to say something ugly.

Molly had not noticed the tension between Little Cutie and Fly. She was lost in thought as she stared outside the window blankly. Wing reached her and tapped lightly on her shoulder. Molly finally turned around to look at her and exclaimed, "Wing! What are you doing here?" Wing

u have to pretend in front of me?" he put down the bow slowly, turned around, and looked at Molly with his amber eyes, "Mol, you cannot do things that you'll regret later in life."

Molly was about to say something, yet she said nothing.

"You love him," Spark said, and he felt his heart squeeze inside his chest, "Don't try to escape from the one that you love. Not unless you really want to give up on him and your love. Otherwise, you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

"Spark..." said Molly, with a thin mist forming in her eyes. She did not know what to say, because the man who loved her so much had just spoken out everything that was weighing her down.

Spark stepped forward and wiped the tears falling from Molly's eyes, "I will always be behind you, Mol, to catch you if you ever fall... Be a little stronger, okay?"

Molly bit her lips and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. She tried to swallow her agony and said, "Spark, there are certain things which can no longer be changed..." she turned around and looked at him, "I love him, but there is this huge distance between us. He and I are from two different worlds. I can't integrate into his world, just as he can't walk into mine. Sometimes, I can really feel his love for me, but at other times, I feel that everything is a game. I don't know if he really loves me, or if he ever did..."

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