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   Chapter 682 The Same Trick Again! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7093

Updated: 2019-05-17 20:24

What goes around comes around. That is a law nobody can escape from.

Hannah was in a really good mood, just like the pleasant weather outside.

The sky was blue, cloudless, and bright. The gentle late summer breeze played around, cooling down the heat of the sun.

"Miss Hannah, you look fabulous as always. What kind of service do you require today?" the image stylist asked flatteringly. He knew very well that she was pretty generous on the tips. It would be in their best interests to keep her satisfied.

"Not now. I need to pick a suitable dress first. I'll find you later," Hannah dismissed him. The stylist nodded and cleared the way for her. She looked around at all the clothes in the room. Her long fingernails were painted a sky blue and she swept her lean fingers across the beautiful, expensive dresses one by one. Her eyes full of smile, she asked, "Jenifer, which one do you think will be most suitable for my date with him tonight?"

Jenifer was wearing a business suit. She was still at work, when Hannah dragged her here to offer her some fashion advice, "Well, that depends on your purpose tonight." She already knew pretty well what her scheme was for the night; the smile on her face told everything.

Hannah turned back to her and had an even bigger smile, "What do you think my purpose is?"

Jenifer smirked with a knowing smile, "You're trying to knock the air out of Mr. Brian Long."

"Well yeah, I have to," said Hannah, rolling her eyes, "I've been looking forward to this day—the day when I finally make him mine and get rid of Molly forever."

Jenifer crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the closet. She sneered, "Molly is as stupid as she was when she was young."

"But I like that about her," smirked Hannah, "I can play around with her as long as she stays stupid."

Jenifer totally agreed with that. But her eyes were filled with resentment, "But why do all these exquisite men fall for such a bitch?"

"Jenifer, she will lose everything very soon..." The smile on Hannah's face became sinister, "I'm going to make him fall in love with me this time.

ar to refuse them. 'Hannah will be coming to the villa tonight, ' Molly thought bitterly, 'He was already meeting her outside all the time, but now he had invited her for a party at the villa. Would he be bringing her home a lot from now on?' she wondered.

She gulped the acid pain that was rising in her throat as she thought about going back home and finding them together. She looked at the two women in front of her and nodded, "All right. I'll come with you." Yet, she was confused whether she was only going with them to avoid going back to the villa.

"Great!" Little Cutie was exhilarated, "I'll let the others know that you'll be joining us tonight. This is so exciting. You are finally coming out with us!"

Molly smiled and said, "I'll give you my share of the expense later."

"No problem," Little Cutie said and ran to tell the others.

Myra looked at Little Cutie's back and then at Molly, "Molly, you know... you are just around two years older than Little Cutie. At such a young age, why do you always look like you have something that weighs heavily on you all day?"

"It's probably due to the bad environment," Molly said lightly, looking at the yard outside where the sophora flowers had already fallen, and even those that hadn't fallen had hidden themselves behind the leaves, struggling to stay alive. Yet, in the end, their fate would still be decided by the next wave of wind.

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