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   Chapter 681 A Gamble On Everything (Part Two)

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"I am a proud woman. It is true that Brian is a wonderful man, but I can't live like this," she said and there was unhappiness in Hannah's eyes. "It's true that he loves me, but so what? He is married to you. I don't want my baby to be born as an illegitimate bastard. No mother would want that for their child. Molly, as a mother, you know how I feel, right?"

Molly forced a bitter smile. She didn't know whether Hannah had said those words on purpose, but they stabbed her heart like daggers. Hannah had said that Brian loved her, and... Molly's eyes had unconsciously drifted to Hannah's flat belly. There it was, Brian's other child. On that day, he had slept with Hannah and had left his love seeds in her belly.

When Hannah had noticed her looking at her belly, she had lowered her eyes and had gently placed her hand on her belly. She had looked so resigned, as if the baby's life totally depended on Molly's decision.

"I'll leave Brian," Molly had said blankly. "I'll leave Brian with Mark. Your child won't be a bastard."


The villa was in sight. It was enveloped in darkness. Molly's eyes became glassy as she looked at it.

She dragged herself forward with leaden steps. She opened the door slowly and turned on the lights. Her sad eyes drifted slowly from one object to another—the sofa, the table, the curtains...everything here carried so many memories... their memories, her and Brian's.

Her eyes went upstairs. She took the stairs and came to the second floor. She stood gloomily in front of his study. She recalled the first time Brian had had sex with her. It was right there, in the study.

She opened the door slowly. Everything looked the same inside it. Nothing had changed even after so many years, except for Becky's picture which used to be on his desk.

She closed the door and stood by the rails. Her eyes were fixed on the main door. Slowly, she took out her phone and dialed Brian's number—the number which had been engraved in her heart.

"Hello," Brian answered the phone after a short silence.

"Where are you?" This was supposed to be a common conversation between a husband and wife, but right now, it sounded so ridiculous.

Brian was silent again. After a few seconds, he replied, "I'm at Mr. Song's."

Molly smiled sadly. Then she asked, "Bri, do you remember what you promised me when I came back to the villa?"

Brian fell into silence again. His eyes darkened beneath those furrowed brows. He remembered each and every promise he had made to her. He might not have been the best husband, but he had been trying to give her the best of everything in the world.

Brian sensed that something was off and said, "Molly, if you can prove it, I'll let you go."

Brian hung up. He looked at Mr. Song who was sitting oppo

It was too far and she couldn't see much. But she couldn't help herself from looking.

She couldn't see the person she was looking for. Her eyes dimmed. Frustrated, she leaned on the wall and closed her eyes painfully. Footsteps were heard from downstairs. The sound became fainter and fainter as the person went farther away. When the footsteps couldn't be heard anymore and the main door was closed, Molly slid down the wall and sat on the floor.

Brian stood outside the door, staring at it. He didn't move for a long time.

"Mr. Brian Long, we're running late," Tony reminded him.

"Okay," he responded, but he still didn't move. Tony was about to remind him again when he dropped his gaze from the door and walked towards the car with one hand in his pocket.

The car ride was smooth and quick. Tony looked at Brian through the rear-view mirror occasionally. Brian was looking out of the window with one arm on the armrest, lost in thoughts. As the view outside flashed by, his eyes darkened. "Tony," he began.

"Yes, Mr. Brian Long?" Tony answered.

"Will she stop me tonight?" For the first time, Brian's voice was devoid of confidence.

Tony looked in the rear-view mirror. He heaved a sigh and said uncertainly, "Mrs. Molly Long will stop you."

"What if she doesn't?" Brian turned to look at Tony, waiting for his reply. Tony didn't know how to answer Brian's question, because he knew that no matter how this ended, Brian wouldn't let Molly go. He just couldn't live his life without her anymore. So whatever his response to Brian's question was, it would only be meaningless.

Realizing that Tony wasn't going to answer his question, Brian looked out of the window once again. His eyes were as dark as the night. He was gambling with himself, with his first love at stake. Should he lose her love, he would lose everything.

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