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   Chapter 680 A Gamble On Everything (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8816

Updated: 2019-05-17 00:12

Love is a gamble and if you lose, you lose everything.


Molly stared at Hannah in shock, her eyes wide open in disbelief. She thought she must have misheard her. After a long moment, she asked, "Wh-what did you say?"

"I'm pregnant," Hannah said slowly, in a serious tone, "It's Brian's."

"Huh..." Molly smiled wanly. Her mind suddenly went blank, "You-you- you are having Brian's baby?"

"Yes," Hannah nodded, "I'm carrying his baby." The devastated look on Molly's face pleased her. But she concealed her joy well. "Brian and I have been together for a long time. But he is married to you. That always makes me feel guilty," she said with a touch of wistfulness on her face, "I want to be with him, but deep down in my heart, a voice keeps telling me that I broke your marriage. I hate myself for it, even though..." She raised her head to look at Molly and continued with a slightly higher and slower voice, "Even though he only married you because of your son." She glanced at Molly's helpless face. Molly's eyes were dipped with sadness. Hannah enjoyed watching her suffer yet she went on with her performance, "However, I'm pregnant now. What am I supposed to do? Even if I decide to leave Brian, what about my child? It will have to grow up without a father. I can't let that happen. The baby is innocent. It shouldn't have to suffer because of the parents' mistakes."

"You say that your baby is innocent. Then what about Mark? Did you ever stop to think about my baby?" Molly demanded sorrowfully, her lips trembling. Tears threatened to fall from both her eyes, but she tried her utmost to keep her emotions in control. She glared at Hannah, trying to be strong. Hannah just stood there and looked at her, with a sorrowful look in her eyes. But inside, she was enjoying as she watched Molly's world collapse in front of her. After a while, Molly took a deep breath. The thought of Brian being with Hannah in bed disgusted her to the bones, but she had to know, "When...when did it happen?"

"It was unexpected. I always used protection," Hannah said, with a look of regret. She was a natural actress. The innocence on her face could have fooled the sharpest eyes, "But I hadn't expected him at my grandfather's party the other day. My grandfather had invited him, but at first, he had turned him down. I really didn't think that he would come." She pressed her lips, as if she was trying to suppress her grief. She acted as if she was the other victim in their love triangle. "That day at the party I was a little tired and decided to go to my room to rest. Then I saw him in the hallway. He had just had a nap an

on on time every day. Grandma says that I'll get well very soon," he comforted his mom.

"Okay," Molly answered, a lump in her throat. "Mark..." She tried hard to conceal her sadness, but she couldn't even get one word out without sobbing.

"Mommy?" Mark called from the other end of the line.

Molly looked at the starry sky, took a deep breath and managed to ask, "Mark, if..." She bit her lips and knitted her brows to summon the strength to continue, "If mommy leaves daddy, will you..."

She couldn't go on any further. Tears kept falling like rain. She had to keep fluttering her eyelashes to clear her vision.

Mark was silent for a while. Then with his head down, he pressed his lips together and said thoughtfully, "I lived with mommy alone for four years. We will never be separated."

Although she couldn't finish her sentence before, Mark knew what she was going to say. He hoped that his words would soothe his mom a little. Hearing the sobbing through the phone, he added, "Mommy, I'll try my best to get better soon."

"Mark...Mark..." Finally, her grief crossed the threshold and seized her completely. Molly couldn't contain her emotions anymore. She started wailing in the street. Although her life was full of twists and turns, she was grateful that God had given her Mark. No matter how bad her life got, he was her rock, her most precious gem.

After saying goodbye to Mark and hanging up the phone, Molly wiped her tears and walked towards the villa with the phone gripped in her hand tightly.

"Molly, one of us has to leave Brian," Hannah had said to Molly. "If you stay, I will leave him. I won't tell Brian about the baby and I'll have an abortion."

Molly looked at her in shock, wondering if she was serious.

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