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   Chapter 679 Unwilling To Leave, Unable To Stay (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7404

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Brian sneered, "Don't even think about it. Never. I won't let someone who framed me once work for me."

Vincent's lips twitched as he looked at Brian. He knew Brian very well but this person was a genius. He just wanted to find him and work with him. Gritting his teeth, he said, "This person has got some talent, please, Mr. Brian. I'd like him to join us."

Vincent was always a distant person. He devoted his entire life, heart, and soul to the Long family—and now here was a person that he really admired and he was begging Brian to let him work for him. Who is this person?

"And if I don't agree?" Brian said coldly. He too appreciated talented people but what this person did was unforgivable because he had caused a riff between him and Molly and now he even couldn't look Molly into her eyes!

Vincent squinted. It seemed like he had made up his mind. He wanted the person to join the group, "Then I'd assume you don't agree because you're jealous of him," he said in a clear voice, "It's not his fault. And I suggest that next time, you don't give in to temptations easily."

After he spoke, there was a deafening silence in the room. Meanwhile, Tony stood at the corner laughing silently.

Brian had stood up and glared at Vincent. He was furious and he could feel his hands shaking from anger. He punched him across the face and pointed a gun towards him.

Tony just watched the whole scene unfold and didn't even flinch. He knew that Brian was in no way jealous of whoever this man was. He was mad because he was framed. And now he couldn't even face Molly even though he was so sorry for what had happened. They had steered towards an entirely different direction and they were miles apart.

Tony sighed deeply. This was the side of Brian that he had never seen before. These days, he went out early in the morning and came home late in the evening. He was afraid to see Molly. He couldn't face her anymore. He was also afraid that Molly would leave him soon enough. Tony used to think that Brian wasn't afraid of anything. But now, he was afraid of a woman leaving him.

After being punched by Brian, Vincent's face did not change. It wasn't because he wasn't afraid to die. It was becau

I need to tell you something."

"Why do you want to meet me? I don't even know you," Molly said coldly. She didn't know why this girl called her and what her intention was.

"You'll know who I am after we meet and talk," Hannah said to her.

Molly furrowed her eyebrows. For some reason, she started to feel uncomfortable. She wanted to turn her down, but she also wanted to know what she was going to say to her, so she replied, "Where do we meet?"

"At Golden Bay Club" Hannah said.

"Okay, I'll see you there." Molly said, then she hung up the phone and took a cab to the club. The doorman waited for her by the door of the club. He was informed that she was arriving so he walked her towards the VIP lounge.

When Molly got to the VIP lounge, she saw Hannah sitting on the sofa. They looked at one another for quite a while until Hannah broke the silence, "Please sit down."

Molly sat on the sofa, watching Hannah prepare the tea. She asked her, "Why did you want to see me? What's the matter?"

As Hannah placed a cup of tea in front of Molly, she looked up and said slowly, "I asked you to come here to discuss my pregnancy."

"I don't think that has anything to do with me," Molly looked at Hannah and frowned. She didn't know what she meant. They barely knew each other.

There was a bitter smile on Hannah's face. Pursing her lips, she said to Molly, "This does have something to do with you, because Brian Long is the father of the baby."


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