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   Chapter 676 Misty (Part Two)

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"Mol," Spark felt his eyes becoming misty. He lowered his eyes and gritted his teeth and his mouth was quivering. He mumbled to himself, "I haven't peeked into my heart in a while. I'm not able to overcome the barrier in my heart. It is locked, while the key to it is in your hands. But you're only willing to do that for Brain. You're willing to unlock Brian's heart with the same key I gave you for mine."

As the wind blew slightly, the leaves danced along with it. Spark's words resounded in the quiet space.

He raised his hand slowly to place the violin between his shoulder and neck and placed the bow on a string. The birds and insects were startled at the harsh sound of the violin. He didn't stop playing.


A loud sound rung through the air as Spark broke one of his strings.

Spark closed his eyes. A single teardrop fell from his eye, across his cheek down to his chin and finally rested on his violin.


Molly walked along the street catching the attention of a handful of passers-by. Wearing a formal dress, she had nothing on her—no money, no cellphone.

She subconsciously started walking towards the direction of the villa. Her body throbbing from pain and her feet had swollen from wearing heels. But she kept walking, fighting through the pain.

Beep! Beep!

A string of car horns blasted in front of Molly as a car pulled over next to her.

Molly turned to look at the car. The car window gradually lowered and Wing's face appeared.

"Molly, what are you doing here alone?" Wing hurriedly got off the car. She frowned slightly at how disheveled Molly was. "Get in the car, I'll give you a ride," she said.

Molly nodded. Weston was there too so they all drove back to the villa.

"By the way, a waiter found this and I took it because I know it's yours," Wing said as she handed a bag to Molly. Wing was very worried about her so she asked, "Molly, what happened? Where's Spark?"

Molly stared at Wing as Wing just grew more worried. "Wing," Molly said, her eyes were turning red, "he's not playing anymore."

"Hmm?" It took a while for Wing to realize what Molly was talking about because she was caught up in her worry for Molly. She ran a gentle hand through Molly's hair and said, "Don't cry. Tell me, what happened? I'm sure we can still do something about it."

"Spark's not playing anymore because he says he doesn't love it anymore..." Molly looked at Wing through her teary eyes, "Just now, he was standing there in front of me, acting as if he'd never touched a violin before!"

Now Wing finally understood what Molly was saying. She looked at Molly in di

ld lead him to believe anything else other than the truth." After saying that, she clapped Molly's hands and said, "Well, it's late. We should go to bed now!" Good night!"

"Good night!"

Wing left. Molly lay in the bath tub staring into the ceiling blankly. It was already past midnight. She didn't know how long she had been lying there. She hastily stood up, wiped herself dry, and walked out of the bathroom clad in a silk bathrobe.

Molly, even though she was already in bed, couldn't fall asleep. She was distracted by Brian's scent and something was seemingly tossing in her stomach.

She took one big gulp resisting the urge to vomit. Suddenly, Spark's voice and words rung through her mind. Her mind was so chaotic that she felt like it was going to explode any minute now.

She was so dizzy that she hadn't noticed she was already asleep because even in her dream, the same voice and words were just racing through her mind. By the end, all she could hear were groans and heavy sighing.

It was past two in the early morning when Brian came back. Somebody intentionally caused trouble at Grand Night Casino. It was a powerful person—someone that Jason couldn't handle just by himself.

Brian entered the villa exhausted. He glanced at the closed door upstairs blankly. His lips pressed into a straight line, and the skin between his eyebrows wrinkled. He was afraid. He was afraid that the woman he had really slept with in the evening was, in fact, Hannah. He was afraid that his promise to be faithful to Molly had been broken by him, which would give her a just cause to leave him. He was scared that he had broken his promise of faithfulness to Molly because if he had, that would be enough reason for her to leave him.


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